What's Your Business Olympics?

Meanwhile, back in 1988...

Meet Eddie.

A dude who got the thing he wanted more than anything in the world:

He competed in the Olympics.

And I'm not talking about the elite ones who've been shipped off to the best training camps thanks to their parents, who've had the support of their country backing them, who'e had access to the best.

I'm talking about the kid who wasn't good at any Olympic sport, but never gave up.

And still made it to the Olympics.

Not to get gold. Not to get silver. Not to get bronze.

To just be there.

When he was shite at every Olympic sport available on offer, he shifted his focus to the Winter Olympics.

He trained as a downhill skier.

He wasn't good enough to make the team.

He didn't care.

He shifted his focus again, to ski jumping.

At the time Britain didn't have a ski jumper, so he was it.

With no experience, no money, and the weight of the world telling him to GIVE UP every day.

What did he do?

Not give up.


He was a broke joke. He was self-funded.

He was a fat joke. He was overweight compared to all the other athletes.

He was a blind joke. He had to wear thick glasses under his goggles that fogged up.

He was disadvantaged at ever fucking corner.

But he arrived at the training grounds with nothing more than his own skis.

He's boots weren't the right kind, so he put on 6 pairs of socks over a borrowed pair of boots.

He got the fuck up and he trained.

And he trained.

And he trained.

He didn't care HOW he got to the Olympics.

All he wanted was get there.

Every damn day there was an opportunity to bail.

An opportunity to quit.

An opportunity to go home.

An opportunity to believe the doubters.

It wasn't his option though.

Because this was IT for him.

His dream.

How he go there was irrelevant to him.

Downhill skiing, ski jumping. Whatever sport he could qualify was his ticket.

The how didn't matter.

What mattered more than anything was what he wanted more than anything.

To go to the fucking Olympics.

Through a loop hole that they've now tightly plugged, after one whole year of doing nothing else but showing up every goddamn day and training, he qualified.

He went to the Olympics.

The rest doesn't matter.

He competed. He sucked. They made a movie about him.

None of that matters.

Nothing but making the Olympics matters.

And because of that laser focus, and entire life's dedication to his dream, it was his reality.

So question: how bad do you want this business to work?

For real now,

With a husband, with kids, with a family unit to run.

With dogs, with a day job, with time against you.

With your lack of funds.

With all your disadvantages.

Are you willing to pull an Eddie the Eagle and go all in on your business?

Are you ready to show up every day, and keep giving it that shot?

To go all in over and over and over again?

To go all in when everything and everyone is telling you to stop?

Will you ignore them and follow your Olympics?

Because life without out it means you may as well roll over and die.

When all's said and done, the one who makes it is the one who never quits. No matter what life throws at them. No matter how broke and broken they feel.

Never give up when the odds are stacked again you. When even your loved ones tell you you're a joke. When you feel the whole world is rallying to stop you.

Your mission is to keep on going.

That's where the gold is at.