Words Are Your Reputation.

Throw the wrong word out into the world and watch it backfire all over your bottom line. Moist. See, did you cringe? No one likes that word.

Clear And Compelling Communication Opens Your Bank Vault At Gringotts. Metaphorically.

We know Harry Potter isn’t real.

And inside that (metaphorical) bank vault of yours?

Clients. Cash. Profits. Influence.

And time off to cuddle your cat. Or dog. Or plant named Beril. Who are we to judge?

Spike your brand with personality and make purchasing a pleasure.



Welcome to The Copy Word. 

Elizabeth McKenzie and her team of copywriting experts will craft one of a kind copy that disrupts, delights + delivers results.

Get The Yes. Every Single Time.


Websites that sell better than the latest Marvel offering on opening weekend.


Emails, funnels + a welcome series to convert creepers to customers.

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Facebook ads that defy industry standards + cost you less.


A name, brand voice + message identity as timeless as the classics.