The Slut Solution

You can plan all you want.

You can complete pages upon pages of client avatars and target markets and ideal client worksheets. And you can devise the exact seven step signature service to take clients from sad loser to happy winner.  And you can map out your marketing until you’ve got yourself a solid business plan.

But the truth is.

You’re creating your business in a bubble.

Don't Ask. Don't Get.

So, how do you make the sale?

You found the perfect outfit for your second cousin’s birthday lunch in the park. Sure, you went in to buy jeans, but the salesperson was great and helped you find a top and cardigan as well.

You’re ready to hand over the cash. But the salesperson has disappeared. You walk out empty handed.

All they had to do was ask for the sale.

1,2,3 Profit

You need a new pair of jeans. 

You walk into a store, and the salesperson asks if you want a t-shirt. You say no, you want jeans. They ask if you want a cardigan. You say no, you’re just here for jeans. They hand you a backpack and tell you to buy it. You walk away. 

It sounds ridiculous, right? But I see people with this approach to sales way to often. 

Business Model You

Tell me the only way to do business. I’ll show you the exact opposite. Done successfully. 

For every business owner who tells you being strategic is the best business model and I’ll find 10 others who’ll swear by the intuitive business model.

For every business owner who swears by planning and batching you’ll find 10 who promote winging it, downloading divine messages as they come. 

Business Valentine, Be Mine

People have been joining your list. That’s right, it’s instant and undeniable chemistry.

And the feeling is mutual. Because your business love language is lists. And stats. And numbers. Oh my!

The initial attraction is strong. But now you need to turn that first flush of chemical connection into a long term relationship that will sustain your business.

You definitely got their attention. They saw you and just had to know more.

Truly connecting to your crew is totally different than luring them in with your Facebook ad.

Your Way Or The High Way

Your 2019 Plan.

Laid out.

Right here.

The exact step by step plan you need to make money consistently in 2019. The exact formula you need to run a successful and profitable business in 2019. The exact strategy to give you all the secrets that make people buy in 2019.

You ready?

There’s only one way to succeed.

And you have to follow the plan 100%. All in. Or you fail.

The Magic Pill Method

Take a look at the weight loss industry. The old penis industry. The wellness industry.

Pills. Pills. Pills.

We can make fun of them all we want but those guys are having the last laugh because they're rich. Rich. Rich.

Whether it's moral or not, these pill pushers understand that no one gives a damn about the process.

They only care about the result.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your process is.

If it ain’t a magic pill. Don’t waste your copy writing about it.

Whenever I get stuck writing for a client I pull out The Magic Pill Method.

Kill Competition For Good.

Three life coaches walk into a bar. They're identical.

​​​​​​​And they're all wearing a bag over their head.

Who do you decide to work with?

Your decision can only be made based on price alone because that’s all you've got to go by.

And if you're one of those life coaches, making a sale is subject to competition.

The only thing that sets you apart from the competition is you.

The Passion Trap


We’ve got it all wrong. We’ve been told that the only way to succeed is to chase passion. 

Everyone’s passionate. But not everyone can run a successful business. Ever wondered why? 

Passion is an emotion. And emotions are fleeting.

One day you’re passionate about potatoes. The next it’s char-grilled sourdough. By Friday you’re over both and it’s pizza.

Replace the carb of the day with your latest job title. 

That’s what running a business on passion looks like.

Constantly chopping and changing to chase that intoxicating wave of passion. 

Are You Running A Barbie Dream Business?

Remember when you were a kid and you got your first Barbie? You cut her hair. Just a little bit. Used some pillows and lego to make her very own Dream Home because you didn’t get one for Christmas. Accidentally popped her head off and the only way to keep her head on meant she had no neck. Which made it hard for making out with Ken.

You were just playing.

There was no end game. No master plan.

Not much has changed. You’re running your business much the same way.

9 Ways To Hit Your Income Goals Any Time Of The Month

December’s not over yet.

You want to book one more client? You can.

You want to lock in 3 sales calls? You can.

You want to finally get your Facebook ads up and running? You can.

Don’t dismiss December just because we’ve got two public holidays thrown in there.

People are always buying. So don’t stop selling.

You’ve spent all year building a community. And maybe you haven’t made as many sales as you wanted.

Now’s not the time to wallow in a mince pie.

Now’s the time for your 11th hour miracle.

Your Ideal Client Strategy Is Costing You

You get an enquiry. Someone who’s not ready to work with you. They don’t have the funds. Or can’t afford you. They’ve got to speak to their partner. Need more to think about how you fit into the bigger picture.

You write it off as another bullshit excuse.

If they were your ideal client, they’d have five credit cards out ready to pay you. Whatever it takes.

The moment you start hearing these excuses you burn that bridge.

Self Expression Stops Sales

It started with speaking your truth.

And ended with sending emails that no one gives a shit about.

It was supposed to be the answer. To make writing easy. To move the masses. To finally start making money from your words.

All you had to do was tap into your heart and write whatever it wanted.

No filter.

Express your truth. Honestly. And they will come.

So off you went. Expressing your ass off.

But it’s still not working.

People still aren’t paying you.

And your personal brand business hasn’t turned you to the level of famous you were hoping for just by being you.

Let me tell you why.