Your Ideal Client Strategy Is Costing You

You get an enquiry. Someone who’s not ready to work with you. They don’t have the funds. Or can’t afford you. They’ve got to speak to their partner. Need more to think about how you fit into the bigger picture.

You write it off as another bullshit excuse.

If they were your ideal client, they’d have five credit cards out ready to pay you. Whatever it takes.

The moment you start hearing these excuses you burn that bridge.

Self Expression Stops Sales

It started with speaking your truth.

And ended with sending emails that no one gives a shit about.

It was supposed to be the answer. To make writing easy. To move the masses. To finally start making money from your words.

All you had to do was tap into your heart and write whatever it wanted.

No filter.

Express your truth. Honestly. And they will come.

So off you went. Expressing your ass off.

But it’s still not working.

People still aren’t paying you.

And your personal brand business hasn’t turned you to the level of famous you were hoping for just by being you.

Let me tell you why.

It's Not About You.

What’s the difference between a business that has staying power and goes from strength to strength and a business that crashes out faster than a kid after a sugar high?

The direction you’re standing. 

Market orientation. 

You listen to your customers. Really hear what they’re saying. You put yourself + your experience in the backseat. And let your target market drive. You learn their language. You learn about how they see the world. You ask them what they want. You give them what they want. 

They buy from you. 

ActiveCampaign v. ConvertKit?! Leadpages v. ClickFunnels. You’re Asking The Wrong Question!

If I had a cent for every time someone asked me about Mailchimp or ConvertKit or Leadpages or ClickFunnels.... let's just say I'd have a shitload of cents.

Granted, there's so many options to hack every single area of your business. These questions will cross your mind. But when you focus on software, you're asking the wrong freaking questions!

The one question you should be asking is: 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What about the words?

What The Email? Why No One Writes Back, You've Got The Worst Open Rates In The World, And No One's Buying From You

The cloak of invisibility is all fun and games when you solemnly swear you’re up to no good. But when it comes to writing emails to your list, being invisible sucks. 

You’ve got the worst open rates in the history of emails. No one writes back to you, it’s a total one-way street. No one takes action and no one is buying from you.

Be honest now, you’ve totally bitched about how bad your email list sucks to your business bestie. That it’s filled with freebie monsters who signed up looking for a magic pill and now sit on your list making up a number but doing nothing else.

Before you declare your business life to be over, let’s work out why this is happening.

Emails Equal Endless Cash. Here's How.

Emails. Are. Everything.

If you’ve been in my world for a while, you’ll know that I’m all about screwing the stock standard. Rules? I don’t care for them. 

Tell me to livestream one more time and I’ll unfollow you faster than you can say organic reach.

I’ve got a not-so-secret passion for giving the finger to Internet marketing gurus and doing things my way.

But there’s something that I just can’t seem to give the finger to.

Because it’s helped me so much in my business.

When Firing A Client Doesn't Go Exactly To Plan

Once upon a time in 2017, I had to fire a client mid-way through a project.

It wasn’t that she was a terrible person.

She got stuck listening to Aunt Karen's opinions on what her sales page should look like and sound like. Which stories should be told. Which were ‘nice’ and which 'were a bit much.'

All from someone who was never ever ever going to buy her service.

We’d already had a coaching call and nailed down her message, her edge + her audience. We'd locked that certainty in. I had taken care of that and she was excited so off I went.

How Game of Thrones Hooked Us All In.

And how your sales page can do the same.

You want to help your client live her truth, her best life, and her highest potential.

You know what they need.

And you’re here to help them find happiness again.

So, it’s time to write your sales page to sell this amazing life changing package.

You write it.

You think it’s emotional. It tells your life story.

You think it speaks your client’s language.

And I believe you.

But it’s not converting browsers to buyers.

Your To-Do List Is Sabotaging Your Success

Do you know how much money you need to make today? 

What's your sales target?

Sure, you might know what you want to make a year.

Any takers for 6 figures?

What about making $10k months?

It’s so hot right now to make 5 figure months. 

So, how much money do you need to make every time you show up in your business?

Say you take Saturday + Sunday off. Cos we’re not slave drivers. That means you’re working about 20 days a month. 

If your monthly income target is $10,000 then you need to make $500 today.

That means after reading this, you need to make $500 appear out of thin air and into your bank account.

The Biggest Mistake Sales Pages Make + Why You'll Never Be Able To Sell Happiness

our client wakes up one morning and thinks: Is this it?

They’re not happy. They’re stuck in a rut. The commute to their 9-5 is slowly grinding them down. They take a close look at the life they built and it’s not enough. House. Car. Husband. Kids. They’re not enough. In all the doing and go-getting they forgot to find happiness in the everyday mundane life. They’re completely and utterly unhappy.

And you’re here to help them find happiness again.

Seems like the perfect building blocks for a solid sales page, right?


How You've Left $100k On The Table So Far This Year + How To Fix It Immediately.


That’s how many days we’ve lived this year.

That’s how many days you stared blankly at your to do list because you’ve felt so overwhelmed trying to do all the marketing and selling things.

That’s how many days you said you wanted to get your lead magnet and email welcome series up and running to bring in consistent clients automagically but instead procrastinated like a cat-video-watching champion.

Orgasms, Debt, And The Walking Dead. The 4 Life Lessons Business Taught Me.

And now I put on my best tweed jacket (let’s face it, I don’t own any tweed, but imagine that I did for a second), head up onto the lectern and deliver the lessons I’ve learnt from doing business. 

Life lesson #1: your business will not save you from shit life circumstances

I first started my business when I was in a pretty bad relationship and so my business was my escape. It was the thing that was going to save me, and not only that, it was going to somehow magically make my relationship amazing, too.