Why Coaching Is A Hard Sell

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in coach-ception situation? 

It feels like the only kind of coaches that are successful are coaches coaching coaches. Say that three things quickly.

You want to know why coach-ception exists?

Because coaching is a hard sell.

What? You thought this was going to be inspirational?

Try educational. Consider this your a-ha moment for the day.

Because there’s two things 99.99% of coaches do that make selling damn near impossible.

Being In Business Is Playing God

Being in business is playing God. 

As a screenwriter, I pretty much make life up all day all day. I create the world. I create the people. I make them do things. I make them say things.

I get to play God.

Whatever I write becomes the reality of the show.

But playing God isn't just for screenwriters. It's what running a business is all about.

Create something. Sell something.

Running a business is all about playing God for your life.

Your whole entire business is in your control.

You create your business. You get to choose what to say and what to sell.

Whatever you want.

It's yours for the taking.

Have you been taking that job seriously lately?

Have you ben executing your right to do whatever you want to make a sale?

Have you been stuck in a business rut not realising the incredible power you have to click your fingers and change everything to your liking?


Shut up + go make it happen.

Gourmet or Fast Food? What Are You Eating In The Business World?

Starving. Hungover. Headache. Dehydrated. Desperate. I’m not the best version of myself today. Last night was crazy fun, and I know I pulled the best dance moves on the D Floor, but honestly, I could have done with replacing the bourbon with water towards the end of the night.

Today I’m paying for it. And the only way out of this self inflicted pain is this: greasy ass fried food. Made fast. Purchased via drive thru.

These pre requisites limit my food choices.

Enter the only time I ever eat MacDonald's.

Email Girl To The Rescue Part 2

Previously on Email Girl, Ms. Business Owner was under the evil spell of Mr. McDouchey Internet Marketer. Using his powers of mind control, he was stopping Ms. Business Owner from sending out fun, entertaining + engaging emails that sell for fear she would become just as sleazy as the devil himself.

This had dire effects on Ms. Business Owner. She wasn’t getting any new clients which means she wasn’t making any money. 

Email Girl To The Rescue Part 1

Elizabeth sits at her desk. Her coffee has coconut milk in it and she's so delighted she’s got the perfect smug-smile on her face as she sips it.

She's wears her activewear because she just smashed a workout like she’s a superhero or something. She’s sweaty, has no make up on, and her menagerie of dogs are snoozing in her office which means it’s time to get on the phone and speak to her client, Ms Business Owner.

Overwhelmed? Read This.

We need a new word for overwhelmed in business.

Because you’re not actually overwhelmed.

You’re a business owner.

Running your business.

And once you realise that.

You can’t be overwhelmed.

You can only be free.

Because you have complete control over how you feel.

So if your to-do list is stressing you out, you have full permission to throw it out.

All of it.

You don’t have to do anything on your to do list.


No matter how damn important you think it is.

You’re the boss.

You get to do business your way.

So if you’re feeling this pressure-fuelled overwhelm.

Know it’s your own construct.

Which means you can stop it.


Press delete.


Tap in.

You know the only thing to do next.

Do it.

That’s how simple business can be.