The Business Vampires Keeping You Broke

It’s Halloween. I’m in the middle of a Buffy binge. Let me be your Giles and help you slay the vampires, demons, and forces of darkness that are keeping you broke.

Meet The Three Business Vampires:

1. Scaring People Off Trying To Sell Your Big Idea.

Impact. Success. Confidence. Freedom. Up Level. Transformation. Dream Life. Attract. Manifest.


These are weak, high level concepts without a tangible outcome. Which is why people won’t lay down the cash.

How can they measure its worth it when they don’t know if they’ve successfully upleveled?

You need to turn your big idea into a service, product, offer, or something tangible.

There’s no point having an amazing looking website if you don’t have anything real to sell.

2. Butchering The Copy To Fit A Design Layout

The super long forever scrolling pages with 50 million calls to action?! They’re the bane of my existence.

Read this.

Click here.

Find out more.

Meet me.

Follow us.

Go to the blog.

Get your free ebook.

Book your discovery call.

Work with me.

Check out the course.

Too many choices leads to analysis paralysis.

And analysis paralysis is a sales killer.

Somehow, graphic designers want to include everything and the kitchen sink on the home page.

Hot tip: Your Homepage is your first impression. Everything we see and hear gets filtered through this initial impression. And the impression you want to make is:

I want what you’re selling. Let me buy it now.

It’s a simple concept. Your homepage should reflect that.

3. Hacking the Headline

The reason the headline isn’t the name of your offer is because it wastes precious copy real estate. 1:1 Mentoring or Shop doesn’t exactly snap people out of their zombie scroll state long enough to keep them reading.

Let’s give your people a little credit. If they’ve landed on your sales page, chances are they know what you’re selling. So don’t bury the strategically written headline somewhere down the page. It’s designed to be the first thing they read.

It has one job only.

To get your reader to the next line. And the next line. And the next line.

All the way to the buy now button.

We’re slaying these business vampires and launching a brand new service SLAY YOUR PAY DAY.

From packaging up your signature service or product in a way that appeals to your ideal clients, to writing all the copy, and working with our team of graphic and web designers to hand deliver your website fresh with clients for the picking.

The package is the full service. No vampire, demon or force of darkness will be left living.

This package includes:

// Offerings consultation to package up your offerings in a sellable way.

// All website copy written.

// All graphic design elements created

// Entire website designed and published

We’ve got availability to work with limited businesses in this capacity for the next few months.

Enquire now and get your brand new website, completely designed to deliver clients to you on a golden platter.