It’s got nothing to do with what you sell.

It's what you say.

Because words are always the answer.

You words + your message are your business asset.

Making you sales time and time again.

Welcome to the world of copy.

Or as I like to call it, the world of business owners growing balls, swinging them over their shoulder + making some serious bank. 

Take a look around.

Not making the sales, the income, or getting that fully booked feeling?

That’s crappy copy. 

Your copy will make or break every single area of your business. 

Your website. Your sales page. Your emails.

But that off-the-cuff status update? You better know how to craft a call to action that’ll get engagement. 

And that sales call you booked in? You better deliver the sales speech to land the sale.

And if you want to shoot off a Facebook ad? You better deliver words that convert.

Get the words right and your business will sell itself. 

Your copy could be the sneaky assassin that’ll infiltrate every area of your business, killing your sales silently.

Or it could be your best business asset.

And while your competitors are all off focusing on their ‘marketing funnels’ that aren’t getting any click throughs anyway because their words look like a derelict warehouse where hobo’s go to take a dump, you started slaying the sales because your words became irresistible to your target market. 

Don’t be a sheep. Be a cash cow.

It starts and ends with copywriting.






Copywriting Secrets, Revealed.

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"Every email is a masterclass in copywriting." Sylvia's in the know.

Also, they're fucking funny. "I crack up laughing reading every one of your emails." Clare's laughing her way to the bank. 

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