Hello— is anyone reading?

Tired of feeling completely invisible whenever you write? 

Think you’ve got a case of the crickets instead of actual people following you? 

Are you annoyed that after spending all your money building your list, nothing’s happening? No one’s opening your emails and you just know you’ve got the worst open rates in the history of emails. 

No one writes back to you. 

No one takes action.

No one is buying from you.

Before you declare your business life to be over, here’s what you need to know: 

Copy. Is. Everything.  

It starts with your message.

And it finishes with HOW you say it, and the words you USE. 


Want to learn how to write words that build an audience who’s crazy obsessed with every word you write, that they can’t help but buy everything you have to offer? 





CASH, COPY + COJONES PREVIEW CLASS is a cash-injecting, ball-building 5-day class for anyone who wants to sell their offerings with their words (think: emails, blogs, sales pages, Facebook status updates and all the words in between).


If you feel like your business is over because your writing isn’t selling, this class if for YOU.


The key to making your copy work is getting the message right underneath it. Most people get really tripped up with their message. What they end up doing is describing their job title. Don't be like most people + master your message. 

Today, you'll translate your message onto the page. 

Day 1: Don't Shoot The Messenger, Pay Her

Day 2: The Worldview That Will Make You Your Audience Go HELL YES

We need to go deep into how the gatekeepers of the cash perceive what you’re selling so we can meet them where they’re at. Miss this step and you may as well be talking to a deaf, mute and blind monkey. 

Today, you'll know the exact language to use to get the HELL YES.

Your content — and how you write it — is your key to positioning yourself and your business as the expert. You opinion matters, so we're going to get you writing your opinions. 

Today, you'll write an opinion piece that turns heads + positions you as the expert with personality. 

Day 3: Your Opinion Matters, spit it out + make the sale



Each and every word carries a certain wattage. Every word you choose matters.

Will it amplify your message and put you and your work centre stage, or will it send you to the watery grave in the sea of the sameness?

Today, you'll rewrite your about page.

Day 4: About You + Why You're The Expert




Marketing as you know it is going to be burnt to the ground and resurrected like a phoenix from the ashes. 

No sales funnels. No launch plans. No webinar scripts. No more fucking rules. Take people on a journey, get the sale.

Today, you'll map out your marketing journey.

Day 5: The Anti-Marketing Plan To Get Your Words Heard

When? Where?!

CASH, COPY + COJONES preview class is happening online. You can participate from anywhere in the world. Any city. Any timezone. All I need is your email address!


The dates are: Monday 8 May to Friday 12 May, 2017. 




Build an audience who’s crazy obsessed with every word you write, that they can’t help but buy everything you have to offer, all by using your words.


See you on the inside,


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