The Madness Planner

Jocelyn, the creator of The Madness Planner was born with big dreams, a rebellious streak and zero sense of time. All these traits meant she did not play nice with traditional methods of planning and goal setting.

Fast forward to her first real job, Jocelyn found herself spinning her wheels. She worked all the time but never felt like she got anything done. It was time to stop waiting for her future to come and find her and start creating her future now. 

She started buying planners but nothing worked so as the story goes, she woke up one morning and decided to make her own planner.

One that makes space for contradiction, messiness, the every-changing mind + moods, but still has just enough structure to move you closer to what you truly want - on your own terms - madness intact. 

Inspired by the idea of the Mad Ones with the desire to live fully and as themselves, this planner guides you based on what is truly important to you so you don’t get lost in the to-dos + should dos + miss all the magic. 

At A Glance

Brand Personality: Refreshing. Bold. A Little Rebellious. Creative. Fun

Goal: To translate the ideology + personality of the planner in a clear, concise, and refreshing way.

Struggle: Not being clear + agonising over picking the perfect copy.

Achievement: Clean, fresh copy that's a bit edgy. People have even said the copy's inspiring without making them want to gag. WIN!

Package: Messaging + Brand Identity Coaching

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