Sugar Design Studios

Casey isn't just an incredible Graphic Designer, she's world class trained and worked with Fortune 500 companies.  Suffice to say, Casey's experience should naturally slay the competition.

But that's not what was happening. Prior to us working together, Casey was wading through not-so-ideal clients at a very slow rate. 

That changed after we relaunched her site with brand new copy that positioned Sugar Studios as a premium, classic design studio. 

Since the launch, Casey's been steadily growing a portfolio of dream clients by 10-30% each month. She's getting a lot more enquiries and the clients are completely in line with the type of work she loves doing.

Basically, she's getting dream projects left and right.

The bonus: Casey was able to use the copy we wrote beyond the website. She was able to use a lot of the incredible statements we wrote for my social media marketing, getting her marketing message out into the world clearly.  


Brand personality: Classic + Feminine

Goal: To position the brand as premium graphic design studio

Struggle: Getting clients that were less than ideal

Achievement: Rewrote the website. Steadily growing a portfolio of dream clients by 10-30% each month. 

Package: Website