She Speaks Sales

Shawna Beckmann of She Speaks Sales has a unique background with an unconventional sales style. Her first hand experience in crisis line advocacy,  and approaching grieving families for donation moments after their loved ones had died has given her an ethical heart-centered approach to selling.

However, Shawna wasn't closing sales herself. After a session with Elizabeth, we discovered Shawna was trying to sell the wrong service to the wrong market.

Aimed with her new found market research, we developed a new offer with a new message to a new audience and Shawna launched her done-for-you full sales service agency.

Shawna rewrote the copy under Elizabeth and in three weeks booked herself out with a full roster of dream clients.

The best part? Shawna quit all the complicated systems, funnels, email lists, Facebook groups. Her ideal client shows up on my website and 10 out of 10 times they're gushing about it on our phone call, already pre qualified with zero headache. 


Brand Personality: Kid Rock meets keepin' it real. 

Goal: To fall back in love with my business + grow a sustainable business that makes money. 

Struggle: Jumping from occasional sale to sale in an unsustainable way.

Achievement: A full roster of clients + hiring my first employee

Package: Copy coaching