Mint Lighting

Mint Lighting have an amazing lighting service that's totally unique to the residential market. This posed a challenge because their ideal clients struggled to understand what Mint did and why they needed them.   

Mint has always had a pretty good hit rate to the website and socials, but it just wasn’t converting into sales.  

We took Adele's passion and real life personality and turned it into language their clients love!

The number of “your website resonated with me” “I read your website and I just knew you were the perfect designer for me” comments have been off the hook. Clients are calling up 100% sold on our services and ready to book. 


Brand Personality: Passionate. Exciting. Clear. Friendly. 

Goal: To convert website browsers to buyers. 

Struggle: Selling a unique service clients didn't know they were looking for. 

Achievement: Clients booking appointments directly through the website, or calling up 100% sold and ready to book. 

Package: Website Package.

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