Lyndal Carmichael Photography

Lyndal always found it super intimidating writing about her own business, herself + her art. Her biggest worry was writing about herself without going to wank-town. Her words, not ours.

I spurted some anxious word vomit at the the lovely Elizabeth and she acted as decoder, voice of reason and copywriter.

Communication is my biggest weakness so trying to explain what I was hoping for was tricky but Elizabeth just ‘got it’.

Going through the process was painless, and easier than Lyndal anticipated. The end result was a website written with a tone of voice that captured her true personality.

The bonus? Lyndal was also about to repurpose the website copy into emails, brochures + social media. Go Lyndal!  


Brand Personality: Conversational. Friendly. Personable. Love. 

Goal: To express who we are and service we offer through the language on our website. 

Struggle: Knowing what to say let know an effective way to say it. 

Achievement: Reading through the website feels like you’re having a conversation with us. We’re pretty friendly and personable and that vibe runs through all the copy.

Package: Website Package