Ash Topham

Ashleigh Topham is a Facebook ads genius. She's shy so she won't admit it but we'll happily declare that Ash gets the best conversions in the business.

In fact, she's so talented that her own Facebook ads were growing her email list of warm leads like wild fire.

The issue: the people joining her list were not buying anything!

Only two things were holding her back from turning her list into consistent paying clients: her message and her emails.

We crafted an email welcome series that made Ash approachable while still being seen as an expert in her industry. 

We baked in an approachable, friendly brand voice into her message and wrote 8 emails welcoming her new leads into her world.

Ash implemented the copy and got clients reaching out excited to throw money at her.

Ash generated $28,400 in 2 months of implementation.

At A Glace:

Brand personality: Girl next door meets guru

Goal: To convert her list leads into paying clients. 

Struggle: A dead list! People were signing up but not buying.

Achievement: Rewrote her welcome series. Made $28,400 in 2 months since implementation

Package: Work Your Welcome Series


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