Molly Molofsky

Molly loves to cook. She loves cooking so much she pivoted from nutritional coaching services and launched her personal chef services. When Molly came to The Copy Word, we spent some time getting to know her clients, focussing on what they wanted from a personal chef, not necessarily what they needed. The result? Molly had some major breakthroughs around speaking her clients language.

We developed a video script that was powerful, clear, and captivating.  Molly's services sold out. In fact she's fully booked this year with a waitlist of clients. 

The icing on the chia seed pudding? Molly was able to splice out the video script and repurpose it for other content too!


Brand Personality: Friendly + welcoming.

Goal: A video script to make the purchase a no brainer for my clients.

Struggle: Finding the unique sales proposition for a unique service.

Achievement: A clear, captivating script + a fully booked client list. 

Package: Video Script Copy.