Marketing fads come and go. But compelling communication is for business life. Master your communication and make the sale. Everytime.


Copy BOss

Don't let bad copy kill your business. Your copy could be the sneaky assassin that’ll infiltrate every area of your business, killing your sales silently. Or it could be your best business asset.

Copy Boss is a digital program for entrepreneurs who want to sell out their services, launches, products + offerings every single time, without breaking a sweat or sounding like a sleazeball.

Your investment: $497

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It’s not the size of your list that matters. It’s how you use it. It’s time to write your 5 figure email sales series, even with a small list. All from reworking your email sales series and letting it run automagically.

Write.Email.Sell will hack your consistent cash flow woes + write an email welcome series that turns your new leads into paying clients, fast.

Your investment: $297

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UnSuck Your Sales Masterclass

Selling Starts And Ends With You. Not Your Systems. In order to sell your thing, you need to learn how to sell anything. It’s the life changing skill of clicking your fingers and making money when you need.

UnSuck Your Sales Masterclass will fix your non-existent sales forever.

Wake up and sell anything.

Your investment: $297


Messaging Meditation

The blank page mocks you. You’ve got something to say. You can feel it in your heart. But the words elude you.

Messaging Meditation will help you take that message deep in your heart and translate it onto the page, turning it into a marketing message your audience desperately needs to hear.

Your investment: $4.97