2 x Copywriters - Project Based

Our Deal:

We’re obsessed with words.

Elizabeth, our Head Honcho, writes screenplays in her spare time.

Kat, our Senior Copywriter, is a singer/ songwriter whose music gets played on the mother fucking radio.

Words are our everything.

We’re also all about Taylor Swift. In fact, our early Christmas Party is Snake Pit VIP tickets to see Tay Tay.

We laugh. We film videos of us singing songs to each other. We quote movies.

We’ll jump into a google document together to collaborate like word wizards transforming text right there on the page.

We also love Harry Potter. Hence the wizard references.

It’s cool. You can totally be in love with Bieber. We don’t hate or discriminate on your tastes.

We’re looking for another word wizard who loves nothing more than using their persuasive powers for good.

A writer in your own right, we want you to join our team as our new favourite copywriter.

Our Philosophy As A Copywriter:

If you’ve convinced yourself you must buy it immediately, you’ve nailed it.

The Role:


Write words that sell.

Who We’re Looking For:

A go-getter. Self starter.

You’ll give it your everything before asking for help. That includes consulting google.

No drama. No scarcity mindset. We believe in abundance.

If you can only feed yourself two minute noodles then there’s no way your brain is going to be able to function at the level we need.

A sense of humour.

Not precious about your words and happy to kill your darlings

Can take feedback without getting personal. Feedback is quick, sharp + to the point.

You delight in going over-the-top to make people happy, and always over-deliver

You have experience in marketing or writing

You work on a laptop, LOVE being on the computer and have non-stop, reliable, high-speed internet service (you feel withdrawal when you’re not connected!)

You embrace technology with open arms and get excited about learning new systems and ways of doing things

Your grammar and writing skills are top notch

You’re hyper focused on getting the details right — you don’t half-ass anything or let little things slip through the cracks

You consider yourself a problem solver and see things you don’t yet understand as an opportunity to develop your skill set even further

You’re comfortable working in a fast-paced and high-intensity environment

You aren’t afraid to voice your opinion and collaborate with a virtual team

You’re a whiz at all things Google Drive

You do whatever it takes, and the phrase — “That’s not my job” — is not a part of your vocabulary

You do great work autonomously AND as part of a highly collaborative team

You’re 10,000% comfortable working in a virtual environment — a.k.a. you have experience doing so, love being at home, thrive in a quiet and focused space of your own, and have strongly established routines

A natural with words, you’re highly trainable.

We’ll give you feedback. You’ll implement it then and there. And you’ll also call upon that feedback for future work as well.

Learn it once. Implement forever.

This Is How It’ll Work:

You’ll receive a creative brief to write persuasive copy.

From websites, to emails, to Facebook ads, and everything in between.

We write words that sell.

With the brief, you’ll go off and develop copy within a set timeframe.

You’ll go off and create a soundcheck for client approval, ensuring the vibe, tone + brand sounds exactly like them and not you.

Once approved you’ll go off and write your first draft all the way through to the final round.

Our resident proofreader will read your final drafts ready to hand over to our client.

You’ll receive opportunity for feedback along the way to develop your copywriting skills.

The Kind Of Clients We Work With:

Anyone who’s looking to disrupt their industry. Write words that stand out. Have fun. Inject personality into their copy. Make people laugh and smile. Make purchasing a pleasure. Who wants to entertain, inspire and light up people’s day.

We don’t work with dry, boring, wallflower clients.

Your copy will need to GO THERE.

Description Of Responsibilities:

  • Interpreting questionnaires from clients

  • Analysing deep dive phone call transcripts

  • Developing brand tone + voice

  • Researching content, ideas as required

  • Writing. All the writing. Websites. Emails. Facebook ads. Launches. Funnels. All the marketing writing.

The Nitty Gritty:

  • You must be available to work 9am-6pm AEST, and for overtime on an as-needed basis

  • You must be available and excited to work either a Monday to Friday schedule.

  • Position begins mid-April and is project based. Expect 15 hours per month to start with room to grow.

  • You don’t need all the years experience but you need to show me you can write words that make me feel.

  • This is a virtual position working with our remotely distributed team

  • Your location isn’t as important as your talent, but it’s required that you can work to the AEST timezone.

The Pay And Reward Structure:

  • You’ll get paid per project based on your experience.

  • We love a good reward. Taylor Swift tickets. New laptops. Cash money bonuses.

  • Hit your KPIs and get rewarded.

Please Don’t Apply If:

  • You’re not available to work to the AEST timezone

  • Can’t work Monday to Friday, 9-5pm

  • You see this as a side job to your main hustle

  • You get easily distracted by rabbit holes on the internet

  • You have no sense of humor

  • You have personal drama

  • You have limited availability

  • You have something else that demands most of your time

  • You can’t handle regular and detailed feedback

  • You have a lot of things going on

  • You have a tendency to procrastinate

Here’s How To Apply By 19 April 2019

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