You. A Powerhouse. Five figure launches are child's play. It’s time to go big.

CEO,000,000 Big. 

You. The expert with personality. The brand with the big ideas.

Making prospects fall in love with you without the exchange of bodily fluids.

Raising your profile while raising your profits. 

You. Spitting out the same same truths as Sally two blogs down. Swimming in the sea of sameness. Being so damn easy to blend in with the bland, boring + broke business owners.  


Don’t Just Stand Out In The Sea Of Sameness. Part That Motherf*cker.


Say Hello To Copy So Spot On Your Business Is A Sold Out Success.

Every Single Time. 


Elizabeth and her copy genius was my secret weapon in transforming my email series. I made back the investment 15 times over since we implemented the email welcome series. I refer all my clients to Elizabeth, and hire her to write any copy I need.
Ash Topham
Elizabeth was instrumental in doubling my monthly reoccurring income immediately after working together. A year later and I've tripled my monthly reoccurring income. Elizabeth is funny, real, passionate, detailed and she cares so much about helping YOU. The BEST investment I ever made in my business hands down!!
~ Rachele Jaegers, The V Fit Studio

Compelling Copy Has Got The Business Hook Ups:

An Automated Operation 

Copy will do the hard work for you.

Run a business that sells itself.

A Million Dollar Business

Copy will turn your thousands into millions.

Get back into your zone of genius and stay there. 

A Brand That Blows Up

Copy will set you apart as the expert in your industry.

Change the lives of people all over the world.

The Game Plan Here Is Simple:

Write It Once.

Sell It Forever.


the three elements to selling consistently forever:

A message. People don’t buy your job title. They buy your why. Your message will carry your products + services into the wallets of the masses.

Copy. The art + science of writing words that inspire action. Action like pay you. On repeat. Forever.

An opinion. Your thoughts, quirks, personality + what you think matters. This is what sets you up as the expert in your industry. 

My copywriting packages are designed around all three elements. 

Because Every Single Word You Write Sends A Message.

And The Way To A Million Dollar Message?

How You Say It.

And The Words You Use. 

Business Owners Don't Just Become Millionaires Overnight. But Copy Is The Keys To Their Newly Purchased Mansion.

*Sob story not included.


I got what you need:


Year Long Waitlists. Because you’re the expert and everyone wants to work with you.                                                                   


Websites That Open Wallets On Repeat. Because people passionately purchasing what you’ve got. 

Emails That Make 6 Figures A Send. Automagically. Because people are obsessed with everything you offer. 


A Sales Page That Sends Your Audience Into A Buying Frenzy Every Time. Because we wrote it for them. 


How We Make Sweet Sweet sales Together: 

1. Fill out the application form here

If it’s love at first sight, here’s what working with me looks like.

2. The Deep Dive

I can’t write words that sell if I don’t understand your clients. We’ll get on a deep dive phone call where I get into the mind’s of your clients, building a clear picture of how they perceive the world around them.

3. The Soundcheck

Your voice matters. I’m not here to write a copy-clone version of me. Your tone matters. Sounding like you is the only way I work.

That’s why before I begin I write what’s called a soundcheck. 

4. The Wordsmith Gets To Work

Once you’ve approved the tone of voice, I head into my creative cave and start crafting, tinkering + creating copy that will open the hearts + wallets of your customers.

5. The Tick Of Approval

The first draft is ready. Yeow! With trumpets and a marching band, I send the copy over to you. Because your brand voice was so spot on at the soundcheck stage, edits are very minor, usually to do with adding in information or changing up a sentence. 

6. The Fireproof Edit

It's time to put the copy through a magnifying glass. I shoot it through to my editor and it’s perfectly pedantically edited. 

Your words are ready to get to work for you.

7. The Wrap Up Party

We get on a call. We drink champagne together. We celebrate and we run through a strategy for you to implement the copy.

My copy won’t work sitting in a folder on your laptop collecting cyber-dust. 

We’ll be getting it into the hands of the people who’ll pay you. 



This Is Your Opportunity For 300% Revenue Growth* 

Apply now to see if this is the beginning of a beautiful business story.

Packages start from $5,000.


* "300% revenue growth compared with this time last year!!" Clare Desira, Top Five Movement

Elizabeth empowered me to cut out all the noise and follow the direction that felt best to ME. In the 3 months we worked together, my business income grew x 10. Working with Elizabeth was a huge turning point in my business both mentally and financially, and I'm eternally grateful I had her support.
Hollie Tkac

Elizabeth will get to the heart of your message and get your message heard. Having her look over my work pre-launch was SUCH a relief. After re-working my sales page, I made a sale within 30 minutes of sending the sales email. And then 5 more  sales off the back of that one email. 
~ Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

I've worked with loads of copywriters over the years and I know the true value of a copywriter that really gets it. Elizabeth is that chick. She listens, she asks the right questions and she gets it right. Elizabeth nails the voice of the client perfectly and is able to incorporate key messages into copy that is conversational, informative but most of all, relatable. You won't regret your decision to say yes. 
~ Belinda Bow, Green Chilli Marketing

Elizabeth always has the perfect word at the ready. She helped me sift through my pages and pages of ramblings and distill it into a clear, core message. To top it off, Elizabeth is hilarious and a blast to work with.  I'll just sum it up here and say She's The Best!
~ Joceyn Schade

Elizabeth blew us away! Elizabeth’s attention to detail, and copy made our website so marketable. We've sold our first franchise already with no advertising. I can highly recommend Elizabeth from The Copy Word and her services.
~ Natasha Morgan, Director My Home Watch

Elizabeth is that person you want on your team because she listens, she is tapped in and she is a savant at being able to put into words what you KNOW about yourself.  Get on her books now. 
~ Amanda Foy, The Emotional Strength Trainer

Elizabeth is a no-nonsense kind of gal.  In our work together I was able to really get clear about my message and my voice.  I was able to transform the way I communicated with my community and as a results I increased my sales.  I highly recommend working with Elizabeth if you want to nail your message and increase your sales.  She is the!  
     ~ Kerry Sheppard   

What I love most is Elizabeth's no BS style, there's no fluff - just straight up truth and then straight up results. She equipped me with all I need to get my message out and my clients in, and since working with her I was able to get my first 10 clients (YES 10!) If you're looking to work with this lady, just GO! 
~ Tracey Spencer

I’ve had more engagement, more sign ups, more emails and the greatest thing of all - more beautiful, like minded coaching clients.
~ Tash Spencer

Elizabeth is abso-fucking-lutely fabulous. I've been able to generate so many more enquires and calls because I simply changed how I was writing my message. 
~ Ingrid Lecke, The Love + Empowerment Warrior

Elizabeth's copy pops off the page. She took my message and put it into something incredible that doesn't sound at all sales-y, but mighty compelling. She has a talent for getting to the core of someone's message and communicating that in a way that is authentic to them. 
~ Laura Yates

Elizabeth has an incredible talent for messaging and copywriting. Elizabeth helped me connect to my ideal clients in my own unique style.  
~ Elva Li

Elizabeth was able to translate all of my thoughts and hopes about my business into words that sell. She was able to relate to both how I see my business, and how my clients see it, into a cohesive sales letter that I never could have written on my own.  
~ Molly Molofsky

Being on Elizabeth's list for a while I jumped at the chance to grab one of her By The Hour coaching sessions and I'm glad I did. My session was incredible, she made me feel so at ease and took all the my ideas and words I use to create a beautiful cohesive sales page. I appreciated her hands on process of explaining the what + why as she mapped out the copy right in front of me! 
~ Camille Davis, Daily Courage

Working with Elizabeth was absolutely amazing. Words and copy are not my thing, so I decided to hire Elizabeth because I liked her style, the way she wrote and her great smartass sense of humour which was really refreshing. I loved everything she wrote for me. There would be many instances where I would be screaming YES when I got her emails because she was so on point with my message. 
I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is looking for a copywriter who cares, who is clever and who knows how to write in a smart sassy way. 
~ Sylvia Chierchia