Don't Mistake The Zombie Shuffle For Flow

Not long ago, no matter how many things I ticked of my to do list, or that I worked out, walked the dogs, ate vegetables and protein with every meal - my head would hit the pillow disappointed.

Frustrated. Annoyed. Stressed.

Something was wrong and it didn’t make sense.

Because I was a machine.

It’s not like I was sitting around watching reruns of Younger drooling over Josh. Because it’s #TeamJosh forever.

I thought I was in flow all day.

Turns out there’s a very fine line between being in flow and zombie shuffling through your day.

And what I was really doing was zombie shuffling through my day in a daze.

So no matter how many things I did, it didn’t feel good.

It wasn’t until I opened my journal one day and asked the question:

What do I want today?

It’s not like I’ve been dodging this question.

I just never ask it because I know the answer.

The general, vague answer.

Successful screenwriter.
Successful copywriting agency. 
Epic love.
Banging body.

But the thing with being vague - and this applies to communication as well - is that it never actually works.

It doesn’t feel like anything.

It’s not visceral.

It’s disconnected.

It feels so distant.

And that’s where the problem lies.

So I started writing out what I want in detail.

And even though the high level concepts are the same, the flow is in the details.

What does a successful screenwriter look like?

It includes waking up in a light, bright house in LA with Eddie by my side, my two puppies Melvin + Charlie.

It includes drinking iced coffee on the drive into the writer’s room for my original comedy tv show.

I can feel the details.

And if I can feel it in my bones, I can live it today.

What does a running a successful copywriting agency look like?

It includes treating my incredibly talented staff with love, respect and showering them with presents and making them feel like The Copy Word is their family.

It includes communicating with you - our crew. Connecting with you in fun, fresh ways. There’s nothing stale or stiff about the agency we run. It will always feel human. Experts with personality. Who have a hell of a time doing what we love.

I can feel the details.

And if I can feel it in my bones, I can live it today.

It’s time to take a closer look at the details of your wants, desires + dreams.

Sure, you nailed the high level concept.

But until you can feel it in your bones, and know exactly what it looks like, how can you live it today?

Express yourself in detail.

And live your truth today.