How You've Left $100k On The Table So Far This Year + How To Fix It Immediately.


That’s how many days we’ve lived this year.

That’s how many days you stared blankly at your to do list because you’ve felt so overwhelmed trying to do all the marketing and selling things.

That’s how many days you said you wanted to get your lead magnet and email welcome series up and running to bring in consistent clients automagically but instead procrastinated like a cat-video-watching champion.


The amount of money you left on the table because you didn’t get your email welcome series up and running.


That’s how many days are left in the year.

That’s how many fresh starts you have to make a decision to finally bring in hot leads who’re obsessed with every word you write and are dying to work with you because they truly want what you’ve got.

That’s how many new opportunities you have to finally stop hustling your butt off constantly trying to sell and instead let an email welcome series sell for you.


That’s how much money you could make this year.

It all starts with your email welcome series.

And we’ll do it all for you.

Start today. Have it up and running in two weeks. Make your 6 figures year in, year out.

Here’s how we do it:

// We start with a copywriting playbook you fill out to get us going

// We jump on a deep dive discover phone call that’ll allow me to understand your brand + your dream clients

// I go off and write:

>> 2 x Facebook Ads

>> Landing page for your opt in

>> Thank you upsell page

>> 5 part email series to build a relationship + sell at the same time!

// You’ll get one revision of this

We’ve got a spot available to deliver your welcome series now ready for you to plug n play and hit your income targets for the rest of the year.

This welcome series made Ash $28,400 in 2 months of implementing soooooo if you're asking me, I'd say FUCK YEAH, let's do itttttt

Side note: this means Ash made her investment back 10 times over!

Let’s finally get your welcome series onto your done list, and stop spending all your time marketing for nothing because we’ve created a system that magnetises your dream clients to you, making them fall head-over-hells in love you that they can’t help but throw money at you consistently.

If your to do list has ‘set up FB ads and get email welcome series sorted’ then hand it over to us.

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