You're Not A Helpless Pawn

You are not a helpless pawn in the online business world. 

You are powerful.

And absolutely in control.

Your words control how your reader feels. 

Your words control what your reader thinks. 

Your words control what your reader does.

There's a lot of responsibility that comes with this power. And a lot of points where it can go wrong. 

Emailing your list without giving it a single thought is dangerous. 

Because your business relies on you to make someone feel the right feels, know the right things, and buy what you’re selling.

This is strategy at its core.

Deciding how you want someone to think and feel.

Deciding what you want someone to do.

Then showing up on the page and making it an undeniable reality in their hearts and minds.

This is the power of positioning.

This is the power of communicating.

This is the power of copy.

How do you want someone to perceive you and your brand? 

Pick two words. 

Go over your last email.

Did you intentionally create this perception with your words?

We're here to help you reclaim your power. 

Every word we write is strategic, positioning your brand in the minds of your ideal clients, in the exact way that makes them fall in love with you without the exchange of body fluids. And makes the sale.

We’ve got limited spots available to work with strong and powerful online business owners who’ve felt like they’ve lost control over their sales lately. We’ll write 9 sales emails for you, guaranteed to position your offer in a way that sends readers into a buying frenzy. 

Recreate yourself and your brand.

Reposition yourself as the business owner who always gets paid. 

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