Your Way Or The High Way

Your 2019 Plan.

Laid out.

Right here.

The exact step by step plan you need to make money consistently in 2019. The exact formula you need to run a successful and profitable business in 2019. The exact strategy to give you all the secrets that make people buy in 2019.

You ready?

There’s only one way to succeed.

And you have to follow the plan 100%. All in. Or you fail.

Here’s the plan:


That. Is. Your. Entire. Plan.

All you need.

I can almost see you shaking your head and thinking that I’m insane, right?

Because you’ve been sold the idea that you must follow someone else’s footsteps.

So you buy:

Someone else’s formula for success.

Someone else’s path to the good life.

Someone else’s secrets.

Someone else’s story.

Someone else’s plan.

Someone else’s destiny.

Heaven forbid you go off and do something completely different and unique and in your own way.

But guess what? It’s all bullshit.

And it’ll never work because that plan worked for that person’s particular business, not yours. A business that had a different level of engagement from an audience, a different level of connection built with a community, a different level of rapport developed over time. Excepting you can replicate the results in an 8-week program is setting you up to fail.

When you lose agency over your own business you’ll want to light a match and burn your business to the ground because fuck being stuck in a box of rules. That’s the reason you started your business in the first place.

You have a personality. Your business has got to let you express yourself. A business in a box formula does not. Doing you does.

You aren’t someone else. You are you. Do your business your way.

Be a CEO your way.

You have complete control. And the power of free choice.

You don’t have to start selling courses if you or your ideal client doesn’t want them. You don’t have to start a mastermind if you hate the idea of never-ending accountability. You don’t have to do a 3 part video series cart closing launch if you’ve got a signature 1:1 service that’s on sale all the time.

Stop copying and pasting someone else’s strategy.

When you’re wearing someone else's strategy, it's obvious it doesn't fit. Your message chafes. And your bottom line starts to see red.

At The Copy Word, we don’t just blindly follow formulas. There’s no one size fits all.

When you get on an enquiry call with me, I get to know you and your business so I can make the best recommendations for the kind of copy your business actually needs.

I’ve opened up spots in my calendar for virtual coffee chats. It’s your opportunity to get on a call with me, talk about your business, and I’ll make recommendations for the expertly tailored communication and copy pieces we can write for you.

Break out of the business box and do 2019 your way. Let us write your copy to get you there.

Click here to book your call with me. The coffee’s brewing. I can’t wait to chat,