Your Profession Is The Path

For that split second every morning you wake up smiling. You’ve attracted you life partner who is just to-die-for amazing and cute and sexy as hell. You’ve nailed your meditation practice. You’re connected to your highest self. You’ve even found your life purpose.  It’s like rainbows, and puppies, and harps are the soundtrack to your life.


Nothing can shake the feeling you’re rocking your ‘ideal perfect day’ exercise.


And then you remember: Shit, I’m a business owner.


And I gotta get up right this second, jump on my laptop and figure out how the hell I’m going to make some money today.


Oh yeah, and let’s not forget how the hell I’m going to get a following, grow my newsletter list, get more visitors to my website, and get way more engagement, and actually get some peeps who are loyal and loving fans.


Frantically, you log in.


And then you see her. That other sexy, smart, beautiful, badass business owner who’s constantly being showered in love and adoration from her tribe.


Who’s quit her full time gig and bringing home the bacon.


You feel that sickening sensation bubbling up into your chest and you start brainstorming ideas to short cut success.


I could totally become a business coach instead of this wellness coaching that isn't selling for me, you might think.


I could totally start talking about money and create a program on money mindset stuff instead of this business coaching stuff, you might ponder.


If I could lose a bunch of weight real quick using Isagenix, I could sell my personal success online and become a distributor, you seriously consider.


That fear starts pulling you further and further away from your business and into a weird hybrid hole of 'I just need to make money and fuck what it is I'm actually selling here. MONEY. WHERE ARE YOU?'


That fear has become the thing that kicks your business in the crotch while simultaneously being your motivation to keep showing up.


And it’s fucking exhausting. And damaging. 


Please. Just. Stop. 


Stop chasing that next big thing she’s doing. 


Stop degrading what you’re doing thinking the only way to make money is to change your career path.


Stop being swayed by the internet's way of doing things.


Stop the fear for a second.


Stop thinking your business is not enough.


And connect. With you.


Inside. You know. 


Don’t let the internet tell you that you don’t. 


If you have a professional skill,  you have a sellable successful sustainable business.


With your professional skill, you’re enough to sell that skill as a stand alone.


Everything else gets layered on top of that, including your message. 


But for now, your professional skill is enough. 


To your profession, what a rad as fuck job you get to do!