Your Ideal Client Strategy Is Costing You

You get an enquiry. Someone who’s not ready to work with you. They don’t have the funds. Or can’t afford you. They’ve got to speak to their partner. Need more to think about how you fit into the bigger picture.

You write it off as another bullshit excuse.

If they were your ideal client, they’d have five credit cards out ready to pay you. Whatever it takes.

The moment you start hearing these excuses you burn that bridge.

Get back to your journal to attract that dream client who’s ready. Now.

You think you’re being crystal clear around your ideal client and who you want to work with.

But what you’re really doing is leaving 2/3rds of your income potential on the table.

You’ve completely forgotten about the three kinds of dream clients that will help you double your income. And then some.


The Buy Todays

The Buy Tomorrows

The Buy Laters

The Buy Todays

This is your classic ideal dream client. Someone sends you an email saying: I need XYZ. I need ABC. And I need it by LMNOP.

They know exactly what they want. They’re a hot hot lead ready to pay you. You can be direct with them.  Validate what they want. Book the sale on the email.


The Buy Tomorrows

From the very first sentence they’re saying: I’m interested. I’d like to know more. I might want this.

They’re cautious. They won’t commit via email. Get them on the phone.

They’re still worth so much money to your business.

The Buy Somedays

These guys are sourcing information, speaking in very general terms, and wishful thinking.

Don’t dismiss them.

The fact you’ve got a response means they’re somewhere in the buying cycle. Book in a follow up in the future. Be specific + definitive: I’ll be in touch on <date> <time> to discuss XYZ

Business doesn’t operate in a vacuum.

Enquiries are your everything.

If you’ve completely dropped the ball when it comes to your sales methods then I can help.

The Charmed Sales Method.

Triple your income, turn enquiries into clients, and clients into walking referrals and raving fans.

Here’s how it works:

We get on a phone call and audit your sales process.

We develop a new sales process in alignment with your income goals.

We’ll help you strategically structure how to show up to hit your daily, weekly + monthly targets with ease.

We rewrite your sales page.

We write all supporting copy in your sales process including enquiry forms, auto-responders, email templates, proposal templates.

This whole process will transform your entire business + sales.

And you’ll be able to rinse and repeat it forever.

Finally set up your business to go above and beyond your sales goals consistently, easily, effortlessly.

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