You Don't Need A Blogging Schedule. You Just Need To Write

It's Monday. Also know as, 'Finally I'm Going To Get My Ass Organised For The Week, Print Off That New Opt In, 'Blogging Schedule 101', Get A Plan Happening And Start To Feel Like I'm A Legit Business Owner Who's Got Words Worth Reading' Day.


Once you get the printer finally working (because hard copy always makes you feel way more organised), Week 1 is filled out. Woooo, coffee break time! You've nailed down a few blog concepts with ideas and categories (does anyone still use categories anymore?) and that pitch black tunnel you were in has turned the lights on, leading you safety to the other end that is freedom from writer's block...


Time to fill out the next week. And the next week. And the next week. And on it goes until the whole year has passed and you've got everything perfectly planned. Except that's not what happens. 


Suddenly, you're trapped. Into a never ending pitch black tunnel of writer's block.


And it's not just writer's block. It's more than that. It's like the process is a creative lobotomy, and you're the tribute. 


Before you scream 'I volunteer'... Here's the secret about people who write things that stir something inside of you:


We don't have a blogging schedule.


We schedule in time.


And we write. 


You don't need a schedule.


You need time in your calendar each week to show up and write.


And what you write during that time, is totally up to your creativity in that moment. 


Because your creativity can't fit into a metal box of schedules. 


Because your creativity is more than capable to create when you give it space.


So, here's my personal process to writing regularly, without a schedule, that stirs responses in my readers.


// Tap Into Your Business + Your Profession


Before you sit down to write, remember: you're writing for your business. Your profession – that sellable skill you want people to pay you for.


Not because you had to get that bitchy fight you had with your friend off your chest. Save that for your journal, or your private secret blog called 'Off My Chest'. It's not for your business. 


Say you’re a life coach, you need to encompass the energy of being a life coach and running a business that is life coaching.


Remember, the aim of all this writing is to express your opinions, showcase your expertise and start building a community of people who respect your work enough they want to pay you. 


Write it down: I am a life coach. I'm an expert and I have opinions that matter. 


This is the umbrella and space you’ll always write from. 


// Tap into your audience.


Sometimes you're going to write for shits and giggles. Most of the time though, you're writing with a purpose. To have your words read by your audience. 


So, there is a point to all of this.


Your words must connect to your readers. And the best way to make sure that happens? Feel into them before you start writing.


Feel them. Feel their struggles. Feel their deepest darkest fears, secrets. Feel into what they want more than anything in the world. Feel how they feel about what's going on for them right now.


Feel all of them. 


// Ask yourself: What’s the message I need to share today?


If the word shit pops into your head as the first thing. Write it down. 


Just start writing. And let the writing take you to where it needs to go.


Pure, unfiltered, untouched words, thoughts, ideas and opinions will be streaming out of you, if you let them. Go with it. This isn't a time to question how this is going to become a post. Or how it's going to be structured. 


This is free writing. No judgement. No editing. This is where the gold nuggets will lie. Scattered through a lot of words that will feel like a jumbled heap.


Stick with it until you're done. Until there's nothing much more to write. 


// Call in your left brain


Go over your words and see if there’s one essential theme that’s coming through. 


For me, my theme usually shows itself a paragraph or two in. What I started writing is stuff I'll leave behind, and the theme starts emerging after I get the layer of gunk out of me first. So if you feel like your writing went on a tangent from the beginning, consider that the tangent might be where the gold is.


You could have two very clear themes that you've danced between. Split them out. Two blog posts for the price of one. 


One theme per piece of prose. 


// Time to edit.


Now you can bring your ruthless, judgemental yet patient bitch out from the corner and get her to edit. Let her run wild and free. It's okay she thinks that first paragraph is a piece of poop. She's probably right. Don't get so attached to the words, let them flow in and out of the edit.


The point of all this:  To get your message across using the best words possible.


Recognise that your inner editing bitch knows what she's doing. And let her do her job!


// Press publish


Share it. Market it. Email it to your list. Get it to the eyes of those who need to read it. 


// Get the fuck off the computer and go out there and live.


Stop dwelling on what you wrote. It's done. It's written. It's been edited. Go live a little!


You don't need a 6-12 month blogging schedule. You need space to allow your creativity to show the fuck up and write in peace.  


Your creativity is more than capable to create regularly.


Let her prove it to you.