Throw Out Your Blog Posts + Write Something That Matters

I see you.

With your message that will change the world. Fact. What you have to say matters, and will matter to millions.

With that all encompassing (I'm talking every-single-cell-of-your-body-vibrating) business focus putting 9-5 to shame with your 12 hour days.

With a never-say-quit, unfuckwithable 'tude with a blatant refusal to ever go back to working for someone else...

And yet, I see you.

Playing hide and seek with your opinions (ppsst: you've been hiding for so long now your opinion has up and left you).

Regurgitating tips that no one really cares about (because seriously, if you tell me that your top tip for overcoming fear is to 'feel the fear and do it anyway' then I'm going to start throwing punches and we'll see if you flinch).

Writing rubbish. Literally piss-weak, boring-because-I-have-to junk mail. 

One foot in, one foot playing somewhere else and calling yourself a multi-passionate and wondering why no one wants to work with a life coach slash graphic designer.

I see all of that too.

What? Harsh much? You know I can't resist waking you up a little.

This week, I'm asking you -- throw out your pre-written blog post from your pretty schedule and write something you truly fucking believe in.

Write something that you'd stand by and debate until forever, and with conviction.

Write something that matters.