Stop Trying To Sell That!

On top of trying to sell a skill or process (no. Stop. Don't) 99.999% of coaches are trying to sell high level lofty concept terms.

Seriously dude, can you just STOP trying to sell things like:

dream life
life purpose

Because guess what?

No one is ever going to spend their hard earned $$$ on any of that.

You want to know why?

Because those words aren’t ever going to be spend-worthy if you aren’t linking them to HOW they will change the daily grind of your client.

Your people aren't going to sit down and try to figure out HOW confidence is going to improve their life, and then come to the conclusion that by spending money on their confidence issues will in fact help own those daily boss meetings they have.

It’s YOUR responsibility to SHOW people that.

It is not your clients responsibility to have to sit down and try and figure out how what you’re selling is going to improve their daily life.

No one is going to sit down and do that just so they can convince themselves to PAY you to help them.

Let’s talk about actually solving a REAL LIFE problem someone has, because again… what’s the point in all this personal development work and getting spiritual and connected if you’ve still gotta LIVE in this society, like today?

So, where do you start since your brain has been completely washed with all those big lofty coach terms thanks to your coaching certification, that actually mean something to you but not enough for someone to PAY you…?

You practice. And you practice. And you practice.

You practice HOW to write and speak that involves showing someone specifically + exemplary how you can help them in their daily lives by showing them you understand what problems they face DAILY, and how you can solve them.

To do this means you gotta get very specific as to why any human being who has to get up every damn day would ever want ‘connection or truth’ in their lives.

And how do you do that?

You ask yourself this most important question when writing or selling is :

How is what I’m selling going to help someone each and everyday they have to get up and live?

Now, if your answer this: being connected to my truth gives me freedom.

I’m going to say: what’s the point of freedom? What does freedom LOOK like in my daily life?

And if you say: Freedom is getting up every Monday morning for the rest of your life never experiencing Monday-itis again.

I’ll say: now you’re getting it.

Because that’s worth paying someone for.

What I’m saying here is get specific.

Give me a real life everyday example of how this ‘connection’ is going to help me.

Why would I buy coaching for the sake of coaching?

How the hell is being ‘connected to my truth’ going to help me in my job, with my boyfriend, with my friends, with my body, with getting to work everyday, with finding a car park, with dinner at the in-laws, with that monthly meeting with my boss…?

With all the mundane things I have to do everyday?

How are any of those big loft concepts going to help me?

If you can’t specifically paint that picture to someone, they aren’t ever going to buy what you’re selling.