Why Gabby B Can Sell Spirituality. But We Can’t.

Firstly, Gabby’s got the perfect wavy blonde hair. I mean when I first saw those platinum locks I was mesmerised. And immediately started searching hair extensions. Still to this day I can’t get over how perfect her hair is.

Think I’m being ridiculous? Keep reading.

OMG. Her wardrobe is incredible. It’s the definition of street chic; casual, but not derelict. Effortlessly stylish. Impeccably tailored for her perfectly proportioned body. Which means any style looks good on her.

Then there’s the supportive, hot husband who seems to be way too cool for spiritual school but sticks around looking like arm candy. A poster boy for how all of our men should look and act.

And it’s all happening in the most exciting city in the world. New York Fucking City.

Don’t forget the cute escapes Upstate too. On a weekday. Because her business is just booming.

She looks perfect.

She sounds perfect.

Her life is perfect.

She’s got what you want.

And you want it so bad.

That’s the reason she can sell spirituality.

It’s got nothing to do with spirituality and everything to do with aspiration.

So the moment she talks about her latest Course In Miracles, you buy it. Hoping the miracle is to wake up the next day living your life exactly like hers.

She inspired you to become a spiritual coach.

Showed you the possibilities.

But here you are.

Not selling a single session. Let alone a high end package.

Real talk? It’s because you’re not an unreachable aspiration.

But that’s not a bad thing.

Because neither am I.

And I’m selling like hot cakes.

So how do the rest of us sell when we’re not selling our soul. I mean, ourselves? When there’s no aspiration?

Like when you’re me?

Size 14. Tight chubby. Still can see rolls for days when I bend over. With a weird gut issue that means I’m bloated 90% of my life (I’m working on it).

Greasy ass hair after sweating through another workout this morning, trying to lose the weight that won’t budge (I’m working on it).

When you live in a house that has cracks in the walls, chipped paint, and still resembles a shared house with it's mish mash furniture. And your dogs bark way too much. The neighbours love it.

When you live in Melbourne and it’s pretty cool, but because you’re working 9-5 you don’t have time to go out and take snaps of the graffiti laneways. And you’re in bed by 930pm because adulting is tiring and you’re not running a lifestyle brand here.

It’s not the perfectly painted picture of a rich, happy + hot woman who has it all, with all the delicious marketing trimmings that online entrepreneurs use to sell.

Here’s what you do instead:

// You stop trying to sell yourself and sell your skills.

// You find your competitive edge and stand next to Gabby instead of in her shadow.

// You find a better way to talk about your services that speaks your clients language.

// You don’t try to spiritually bypass the reality of your clients lives.

// You humanise your message.

If you want to sell spirituality you’re going to have to get your head out of clouds and back into reality.

And if your spiritual coaching isn’t selling right now, then we need to talk. I’ve created a brand spanking new copy package called INSPIRED ACTION. Screw aspiration. Inspire your community to take action, do the work, and pay you.

We’ve got the availability to work with a limited number of people in this brand new package. We’re looking for spiritual and life coaches who’re struggling to sell their services. Who know they’ve got incredible skills in supporting their clients but somehow can’t seem to sell. Your messaging is the missing piece. In this package we’ll craft a crystal clear marketing message that honours your truth and speaks to your clients in a way that inspires action. Including paying you. And we’ll write the copy for your website and email series to turn your community into clients.

Gabby B isn’t this only person earth-side who can sell spirituality easily. You can too.

Enquire now.