When You Hate Your Business + Want To Change Everything. Back Away From The Laptop Now

If today is an especially shit day and you’re dragging your feet in business, I want you to listen up and listen good.

Some days you’re going to feel like absolute balls.

Some days you’re going to look at your site and want to vomit.

Some days every business task you do is going to feel like drawing blood from a stone.

Some days you’re going to compare the shit out of what you’re doing, to that shiny looking perfect person over there.

And on those days you’re going to want to either run for the (corporate) hills or you’re going to want to revamp your whole entire business, because obviously something just isn’t right anymore.

And on those days, where it seems like a good idea to change from being a health coach to a business coach, I beg you to NOT. DO. THAT.

Do not touch a thing in your business.

Do not change your name.

Do not offer a new service.

Do not write a social media post to vent.

Back the fuck away from your business. For now.

Look, business is hard. Hard as fuck, and that’s a reason why the big corporations stay in business, even when their employees hate it. It's easy to rock up to work, run the clock out, and get a salary.

You’re doing something that not even half the population would dream of doing or even WANT to do.

And so yeah, you're special. And also, shit's going to get hard from time to time. 

And when shit gets hard you’re going to start analysing every little detail of your business.

You're going to question everything.

And you’ll start planning the revamp. The new product. The new service. The new website. A whole new way of doing things.

And it feels right. At the time.

But wait.

It’s actually NOT right.

Not in the frame of mind you’re in.

Not in the space and energy you’re in.

Not right now.

Now is not the time to throw your business out the window because it’s been a rough few days.

Now is not the time to reinvent yourself – not even in the new hair department. 

Because no one reinvented themselves from a space of low low waayyyyy low energy.

And right now, your energy is low baby. It’s scattered, it’s fearful, it’s scared.

It’s hating on everything.

And you are in no space to create anything that means something. To you and your clients.

Today is not the day to change your whole entire business model and life.

Today is the day to stop.

Today is the day to get the fuck off your laptop.

Today is the day to call in sick with your current clients.

Today is the day to curl up in bed and watch reruns of Younger.

Today is the day to get out of bed and go for a walk.

Today is the day you drink wine at 12 noon.

Today is the day you remember that you're your own boss, and right now you can do whatever you want, so you pull a sickie and do whatever the hell you want.

And you better bloody enjoy it.

Because I know that when you wake up tomorrow, you'll have the kind of mind that knows exactly what you need to do. 

So go do that. Tomorrow.