Am I There Yet? When Comparison Strikes...

When you’re first starting out it's so easy to look up to the established business owners, your coach or the guru with the hundo thundo followers and freak out thinking you're so far behind.

The comparison bish sneaks in and before you give yourself a real shot at running a business, you switch your focus, you pivot, or you shrink back to where it's comfortable. 

So, before you go sabotaging your business, I've got some golden nuggets of wisdom I picked up from the one and only Taylor Hanson.  

Yes, he's the hot one from the boy band Hanson, and while this advice was directed at artists and musicians, it’s 100% applicable to starting up and running a business.

Because your business is your craft.

Here's what Taylor taught me.

The only difference between being a new business owner and someone who’s super successful is the pattern.

You don’t have a history yet.

Which means you need to go create one.

And the only way to create a pattern is to go out there and start doing. 

Not thinking.

Or planning.


And doing a lot. 

And doing the stuff that scares you. 

Because the bottom line is, you can’t avoid doing something for the first time.

You can’t avoid starting up your business for the first time.

You can’t skip that.

You can’t skip ahead to be the guru, or the aspirational one with the successful business everyone looks up to. 

So where does that leave you?

Get out and work.

Get out and make things.

Get out and make really bad things.

Because all of that doing and making? 

It's the path to building the business you love.

You can only figure out what you love doing by actually doing it. 

So how do you decide what to do when there's a million and one things you could do? 

Do the thing that when your head hits the pillow after a big day, you drift off into a peaceful sleep, proud of what you've done that day. 

Remember, no one else’s name is on the thing you created except yours. 

Because once you start going to bed proud of what you’ve created, then you can move onto the next goal of getting paid to do it over and over and over again.

And once you've masted that, you become the guru. You become the aspirational one. 

You become bulletproof.  

This is your forever business after all.

So, tell me.

What do you need to create today that you can be proud of?

What kind of offer do you need to create and put out into the world, with your name proudly stamped on it? 

What kind of email do you need to send?

What kind of message do you need to write? 

I work with a very limited number of business owners in my Copy + Messaging Coaching Package.

You and me.

Three months.

Creating the business you love.

With a message, content + copy your people fall in love with.  

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