What The Email? Why No One Writes Back, You've Got The Worst Open Rates In The World, And No One's Buying From You

The cloak of invisibility is all fun and games when you solemnly swear you’re up to no good. But when it comes to writing emails for your marketing campaign, being invisible sucks. 

You’ve got the worst open rates in the history of emails. No one writes back, it’s a total one-way street. No one takes action and no one is buying.

Before you declare your email marketing campaign to be over, let’s work out why this is happening.

You’re boring.

You've bleached your personality out of your business so much so that your neighbours are hedging bets your business is modelled after Dexter. 

You’re completely removed from your audience and they don’t feel like they know you. They don’t know who you are, they don’t know anything about you, so they don’t trust you.

We’re going to inject your personality into your emails so people not only know you, they’ll like you and trust you and they’ll love getting emails from you because you’re just so damn fun to hang out with, inbox styles.

There’s no FOMO.

You’re too formal, too stiff, too logical, too rigid. And you might think it’s all very good and educational. And helpful. But that doesn’t switch on the part of the brain that makes the buying decision.

People buy based on the little tiny part of their brain that activates FOMO.

Make people feel like they’re missing out and they’ll want in on everything you sell. We’re going to infuse your emails with the kind of FOMO that opens wallets. 

There’re too many things going on. 

Your emails are asking people to do too much. You’re asking them to share the email, then like you on FB, then join your FB group, then hit reply, then book a coaching call with you, then check out your new eBook . . . ummmmm, decision overwhelm.

Your Reader Can. Not. Compute. And what do they day? Quick! Bail! Close the email and go back to looking at cat videos. There’s only one thing to do there. Watch the video.

We’re going to streamline the hell out of your emails so your audience knows exactly what to do, increasing the chances of them actually doing it.

Inconsistency is an email killer.

You get on a roll and send emails out once a week. Then you read somewhere that you should be emailing 3 times a week. So you start for a week. Three emails, done. Then, it gets to Monday and you have nothing to write about, so you skip Monday’s email. Wednesday rolls around and you got nothing. Friday comes and goes. Three weeks later you realise you haven’t sent them an email.

Candy canes have shown up in the supermarket, blink and it’s hot cross bun season. And as you’re munching that delicious hot cross bun while looking at your to-do list you’ll realise you haven’t emailed you list in forever. And in the meantime your people, who would have read your email if you sent them, has already bought from someone else.

Inconsistency breeds untrustworthiness.

We’re going to get you off to a consistent start that’ll set you up for ongoing success.

You’re a hater.

You think your list sucks. There’s no denying it. In fact, you’re hating on your list so hard right now. Just, like, you can cut the tension with a knife like when you walk in on lovers fighting—and your email crew can feel the resentment you have towards them. Bad energy is bad for business.

It’s time to flip the switch on how you feel about your current list. You need to love them, appreciate them, respect them + thank them for being in your world. So repeat after me: I love my list. 

And when we write your email welcome series, your list will love you. Showering you in replies, referrals, and paying you.

When we write your Email Welcome + Nurture Series, here’s what’s going to happen:

// We’ll map out the exact topics for each email.
// We’ll go off and write them.
// We’ll use our proven soft pitch system to finish off your emails so they’ll automatically sell out your services and offerings each week, meaning you have a consistent flow of 1:1 clients to work with, like, forever.
// We’ll tell you when to schedule them to go out.
// We’ll give it all to you on a golden platter so all you have to do is take the emails, follow the simple instructions, plug and play, and you've got yourself an email welcome series that actually books out your discovery calls and sells your products for you.

No teaching. No guessing. No winging it. 

Hand over your welcome series to us and we’ll write one that sells for you. Guaranteed. 

We’ve got spots for limited clients to start next week. Yep! That’s right. 

We’ll write the entire email sales series, including the Facebook ad, landing page, thank you page upsell + all 5 sales emails that’ll bring you an endless supply of clients and cash coming into Christmas WITHOUT having to hustle all the way to January.

Enquire and let’s chat about how we can get your business making money on autopilot. 

In Emails + Endless Cash,