UnFuck Your Business

Right now, your Newsfeed is flooded with a gazillion business promises just like a bad boyfriend trying to win you over after being shady AF…

Hey baaabbbbyyyy,
Look how I made a million gazillion bucks. Do it my way or never make a million gazillion bucks.
Look how I got gazillion clients. Do it my way or never get a gazillion clients.


And ya know why your Newsfeed is flooded with all of that?

Because darling, you still aren’t fucking making it happen.

I mean if you had the money, had the clients, you wouldn’t look twice at what everyone is talking about.

But they’ve found your achilles heel. And they’re using it against you.

Like a knife to the throat, they’re holding your future hostage.

So while you nervously don’t want to piss off the Abundance Gods and Law of Attraction Rule Makers…

...You stop what you’re doing.

And click the link.

And pray that all this good action taking is going to finally help you loosen the noose and just breathe in some money.

Not even all the money.

Just enough. For now.

To keep going.

That’s really what it all comes down too.

And they like to really twist that knife in, don’t they?

They’re so called inspiration stories… of poor to rich… and if I can do it, so can you…



Everything they claimed to happen is true. For them.


What about you?

What about your story?

What about your situation?

What about your business?

They don’t fucking know shit about you.


You do what they do.

Tick that box.

Dot that i.

Cross that t.

It’ll work.


Run webinars.

Start podcasting.

Do videos.

Create an ecourse.

Make a membership.

Write an eBook.

Host a telesummit.

Email people with these templates.

Do your SEO.

Learn Facebook Advertising.

Create the perfect opt in

Develop your sales funnel


You HAVE done it all.

You HAVE listened diligently.

You HAVE implemented, not just sat back and took it all in.

You HAVE worked you tried, sore and kinda fatter than before this business started ass off.

And nothing.

The money still eludes you.

So you focus even harder, even more laser than laser-focussed focussing can do, to make the money.

And so there’s another 50 things you gotta do, or else.

Because their method worked for them.

And you’re like a robot clone fan-girl right?

So it should totally 100% work for you too. Der.


You keep opting in.

To one guru and the next.

From one system to the other.

From one to-do list to a fresh new one with fresh new promises.

And where you end up.

Is fucked.

You’ve completely and utterly FUCKED YOUR BUSINESS right up.

Feels damn accurate doesn’t it?

I was there. Oh boy was I there.

At the end of 2013, I completely fucked my business.

I did everything I mentioned above.

I signed up to 50 million different things.

I would follow religiously what they told me to do.

The fucking formulas. I bought them all.

Not just with my money, but with my mind.

I played alone at home like a good little girl.

Got this software.

Ran this webinar.

Created this signature service.

Started that podcast.

Followed this launch formula and this exact email to send out.

Created this perfect opt in that I should do.

Only spoke professionally about certain things that had become my brand.

*Robot fan-girl clone waves hello*

Thing was, if only I knew what I was doing… maybe I could have unfucked myself and my business right then and there.

I did it all without me even realising it.

And the more I went down this path, the less money I started making.

Yep, the money started dwindling, and the more stressed I became, the more I bought into the latest way to crack that code, get that client, make that money.

Speak in this way. Sell in that way. Only do this.

Don’t do that.

You MUST do this.

And again, the money went low. Real fucking low.

I remember being in New York City with one of my amazing mates in November.

We were talking about my business. I fully cracked it.

I fucking hate my business. It’s bullshit. It doesn’t care about me or provide for me. It’s a fucking bitch. A fucking joke. I showed up, I did what I was told, I spent so much money, so many hours… and still here I am fucking wondering where the money is coming. Where’s the fucking money? Where’s my fucking people?


The penny dropped.

You here that…

That’s me, finally realising… that I did everything they told me to do.

And nothing that my own voice to me to do.

I listened to the voice of everyone else by me.

My truth.

My heart.

My voice.


All fell on deaf ears.


All that good shit I started my business with... Ya know...

The blogging and writing for writing's sake: Forsaken for all the trainings in going pro.

The intuition and following my heart: Forsaken for the formula to start making money.

The voice I had. The mission: All gone. All completely ignored until they were buried in the back of my mind.


You’re completely out of tune with your voice, your mission, your vision.

You’ve been wrapped up into believing your vision is restricted to your tagline.

You’ve been listening to a boss, and that boss ain’t you.

You’ve been speaking in their voice. Not yours.

You’ve lost your voice.

You’ve lost your truth.

You’ve lost your world’s work.

What’s happened here is plain and simple.

You fucked your business.

To get graphic on your ass.

When you said yes to everyone else but yourself, you took a huge dump all over your business’ truth, and now you’re trying to wade through the shit finding that next dollar.

Gross. I’d want to quit too.

But wait… don’t give up just yet…

There's still time.

To unfuck your business.

To undo all the damage.

To finally reconnect with your life purpose business.

To free you from the shackles of the shoulds.

A fresh start.

A clean slate to smash your goals (keyword here is YOUR).

To clear out the crap to make way for your true business.

Because that is the ONLY way to make money.

It ain't about the formula driven drivel.

This is unleashing all of your hidden talents, aspirations and business goals.

This is unfucking your business.

And get you resilient and becoming unfuckwithable.