The Passion Trap


We’ve got it all wrong. We’ve been told that the only way to succeed is to chase passion. 

Everyone’s passionate. But not everyone can run a successful business. Ever wondered why? 

Passion is an emotion. And emotions are fleeting.

One day you’re passionate about potatoes. The next it’s char-grilled sourdough. By Friday you’re over both and it’s pizza.

Replace the carb of the day with your latest job title. 

That’s what running a business on passion looks like.

Constantly chopping and changing to chase that intoxicating wave of passion. 

So you pivot. Again and again. Searching for the secret to turning passion into profit. 

What you’ve really been searching for is how to live a passionate life. And living a passionate life is way too big for a business box. 

The only want you can cultivate passion at that level, is to be the full expression of your truth. 

So, where does your business fit in?

It’s one multifaceted manifestation of your truth.

For me, I’m an entertainer. 

The copywriter in me is one manifestation of it. 

The screenwriter in me is another manifestation of it.

The producer in me is another manifestation of it. 

They’re all expressions of my truth. Which means they each make me feel intoxicated in my life without trying to chase the high. It’s just there. 

Now take away screenwriter and producer from the mix. 

And all I’m left with is copywriter. 

Immediately, everything starts to contract.

The passion shrinks.

My heart tightens.

Writing copy becomes hard. Grinding. 

It doesn’t take long for the passion to dry up when I deny other expressions of my truth. 

Your passion can’t be contained by your business alone. 

Your business can’t be the only source of your passion and the only expression of your truth. 

There’s a whole world of passion out there for you. 

When you fully embrace that business is only one facet of your truth, I can guarantee it’ll finally move out of struggle town, taking to train all the way to Boomsville. Population: money. 

Not only will your business become wildly successful.

You’ll have passion on tap forever.

Your job is to embrace every single manifestation of your truth. And our job is to make money for your business.

Introducing the All In Passion Package. 

We’ve got limited spots available for serious CEOs who’re ready to get out of their own damn way and let their business make money for them. Finally. Hand your copy over to us and we’ll rewrite your entire website + email welcome series for your business while you go drink wine and live your truth. 

The result? A business that sells itself. 

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