The Magic Pill Method

Take a look at the weight loss industry. The old penis industry. The wellness industry.

Pills. Pills. Pills.

We can make fun of them all we want but those guys are having the last laugh because they're rich. Rich. Rich.

Whether it's moral or not, these pill pushers understand that no one gives a damn about the process.

They only care about the result.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your process is.

If it ain’t a magic pill. Don’t waste your copy writing about it.

Whenever I get stuck writing for a client I pull out The Magic Pill Method.

Here's what you do:

Group the entire process as a magic pill.

Now all you’re left with is what happens after you take the pill.

The outcomes.

What your people really want.

That’s what sells.

Your process, your life journey. All supporting documents that help justify the sale. Like the fine print on the pill bottle that says works in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

But the only reason someone decides to buy what you're selling is because you’re selling them what they want.

Want to finally sell your next product or services, guaranteed?

Sell people what they get after they take your magic pill.

Or hand over your sales page to me and my team.

If you’re having major sales page troubles. If your sales page isn’t selling. We have limited spots available for our sales page package, where we’ll take your non-performing sales page and turn it into a sales superstar. Without the old penis vibes.

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