The Blank Page Is Mocking You

Staring at the blank screen. The cursor blinks. Mocking you.

You know you need to write something. Anything.

Just get the damn email sent already.

It’s been weeks since your last sale.

Yesterday, your journal was overflowing with words. You wrote so much, your handwriting turned to chicken scratch as you tried your hardest to keep up with your mind.

You wrote out bold declarations of feeling in flow and business being easy. Of waking up to the sound of your own internal alarm buzzing with excitement to start the day. Of going to see a personal trainer while making sales. Of coaching clients in your Pinterest-worthy office while your house gets cleaned by hired help.

Your plan for the day was clear. You know exactly what you came here to do.

Declared in big bold cursive without apology.

A new service. A new offer. A new product.

It feels even more right and real than what you’ve currently got on offer.

This is what people really want and need.

This is what you’ve been sent here to teach.

This is it.

This is your thing. Your business golden ticket.

So here you are. On a writer's date.

The sales email that’ll save your business.

Ready to write, you open the page.

It's go time.

The page on your screen remains blank.

You start typing. You delete.

You start typing. You edit. You delete.

You start typing. You delete the first thing. You edit the second which is now the first. You delete.

The page is blank. What the actual fuck, words?

Getting started is the hardest.

But once you get started, sales start to snowball.

That’s why we’ve created a new introductory offer for you.

Introducing our brand new Tag Team Email Series Package. We take the first step for you then send you off to get it finished.

We’ll write the first three emails and give you fill-in-the-blank templates to write the rest.

All for an introductory offer of $500.

That’s the thing with communication, words aren’t just words.

Words carry a certain wattage.

They’re loaded with tone and vibration and meaning and intonation and energy. Even how they sound coming out of your mouth will weigh in on how people connect.

You think you can just throw up a sentence without the weight of the word weighing in on the purchasing process?

One misuse. One incorrect connotation. And the impression is made, regardless of you having a say in it or not.

Flop the first impression and it becomes tumbleweed city out there.

We’ve got spots for FIVE business owners who have a problem with the blank page. We’ll get you started, write your first three emails, and give you fill-in-the-blank templates to write the rest.

These emails can be used to announce your new offer, making multiple sales off every week. You can plug and play them into an email welcome series that’ll make you money automagically.

Enquire now.