The Biggest Mistake Sales Pages Make + Why You'll Never Be Able To Sell Happiness

Your client wakes up one morning and thinks: Is this it?

They’re not happy. They’re stuck in a rut. The commute to their 9-5 is slowly grinding them down. They take a close look at the life they built and it’s not enough. House. Car. Husband. Kids. They’re not enough. In all the doing and go-getting they forgot to find happiness in the everyday mundane life. They’re completely and utterly unhappy.

And you’re here to help them find happiness again.

Seems like the perfect building blocks for a solid sales page, right?


While it’s super important to know what your client is both thinking and feeling, happiness isn’t a compelling or strong enough reason to you pay.


Because happiness is an internalised thought, feeling, and goal.

And because it’s internalised, there is no marker for success.

How will someone know if and when they’re finally happy?

They’ll feel it isn’t a valid reason for someone to pay you.

So how do you sell happiness?

You externalise it.

You take the internal and intangible goal of ‘happy’ and you find the actionable, external and specific goal that shows happiness.

It could be:

Making $20,000 a month consistently.

Throwing the wedding party of their dreams.

Getting a spot in the Olympic weightlifting team.

When you sell any of these, your client can absolutely see the marker for their success. Or not.

And that’s worth paying for.

So your first step to writing a compelling, pay-you-anything sales page is this:

Externalise your goals.

That’s what we do with every single sales page we write. We build in a deep dive discovery phone call where not only do I get on the phone with you to understand your brand voice and tone, but I extract that internal goal that isn’t going to sell and turn it into an external goal that sells.

If you’re having major sales page troubles. If your sales page isn’t selling. Enquire now. We’ll take your non-performing sales page and turn it into a compelling superstar sales page that sells.