That Facebook Group Is Not A Focus Group

Back in the day, before I learnt about how annoying Facebook Groups are, I was in a lot of groups for entrepreneurs and I'd see this ALL. THE. TIME.

What do you think of my logo?

What do you think of the name of my service?

What do you think of my sales page?

Sure, you might think that these groups are a perfect sample size of the whole entire world, but there's only one thing we've got in common.

We’re all entrepreneurs.

That means that we could be parents, not parents, old people starting business, 20 year olds, those who think green smoothies are the best thing since sliced bread, other who with never consider preparing an avocado seed for consumption, people who like the Kardashians, people who drink a lot, people swear, people who hate swearing.

People who will never buy your services.

But these people - who'll never buy - will give you feedback like:

Oh, it's nice.

I love that name.

The pink in that logo is great.

And all those comments are business killers if you take them as guidance for your next business move. 

These people are your cheerleaders but they're NOT your clients.

And the only people you should be listening to for feedback, are your dream clients. 

Don’t ask the entire world for feedback on your services just because they’re an entrepreneur.

Only ask the people who you want to BUY your services. It’s their opinion that matters to you.