Woah Nelly! Copy Boss Self Study Program Is Now Open!

Here are the top 10 Reasons why you should consider the business investment that keeps on giving. And by giving I mean adding $$$ to your bottom line, like forever.

Reason 1

You can stop planning your business funeral. Copy Boss will give you the exact tools to resuscitate a dying business. Because miscommunication is a business killer. We’ll finally sort out your silent assassin - AKA YOUR COMMUNICATION - so you’re writing words that get you the sale every single time.

Reason 2

Copy Boss crew have been known to triple their monthly income on a reoccurring basis. From $4K a month to well over $12k a month. Copy Boss crew have also been known to have $50k months the month AFTER taking the training.

Reason 3

Fun AF + entertaining videos that are short, sharp + to the point. I don’t wear a tweed jacket and I don’t turn into a professional robot when I teach you. Laughing while learning is my motto. Because when you’re having fun and enjoying the content, you become lighting fast in your learning, implementation + results.

Reason 4

There are three things you need to be successful online: A product that people actually want, copy that opens wallets, and the kind of confidence that kills competition forever. Copy Boss will help you with ALL THREE. We’re with you all the way.

Reason 5

Having to pay a copywriter to do all the work for you is the most expensive investment in the world. Turn copywriting into your own zone of genius and keep the $$$ for yourself.

Reason 6

There are TWO brand new bonuses when you sign up by May 18th.

>> The Anti-Hustle Marketing Masterclass. Join me + my guest marketing expert as we walk through the perfect marketing plan that fucks the hustle while getting you paid consistently. It’s possible. We’ll show you how.

>> Sales scripts that sell. I’ll walk you through the exact words you needs to speak to get your prospect over the line and excited about paying you.

Plus, a secret bonus coming your way when you sign up. I’m full of surprises.

Reason 7

Copy Boss isn’t about writing pretty fluffy words. With an honours degree in marketing + media communication, it’s about writing words that sell strategically. You get a marketing brain built into your training so you know there’s science behind every word you write.

Reason 8

Effective communication is a learnable skill. There’s no need for you to have a secret talent or passion to become the next 50 Shade of Grey writer. Learn the techniques that will translate into sales. And get back on with living your passion.

Reason 9

Instant access, because I know you needed copy done yesterday. When you sign up to the self study program you get to access every single module today. And you know what’s in module 4, right? Every single template for every single communication piece required for your business. So if your sales page should’ve been written yesterday, write it today with my fill in the blank, plug n play templates.

Reason 10

Buzzwords, marketing fads and the latest craze are banned from Copy Boss. They aren’t sustainable business models. But effective communication is. Take it with you as you grow into the multi-million dollar business owner that you are. Start another side business and know exactly how to communicate that gets the sales in fast.

Bonus Reason 11

Being a Copy Boss crew member gives you exclusive access to pop up workshops, live laser coaching sessions, ask-me-anything mini events. Me + you. We’re crew now. And that means you get the VIP treatment forever.

Copy Boss.

Write clear compelling copy that sells every single time.

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