The Story Of A Health + Wellness Coach Who Sells Her Life Purpose For Business Riches + Ends Up Poor + Hating Her Life

Once upon a time there was a sweet, smart and very pretty lady who was obsessed with all things nutrition, health and wellness. She would experiment at home with all the fancy superfoods money could buy and boy were her concoctions delicious. Even her main squeeze ate all the foods, and he’s a pizza and beer kinda guy.

She had a special skill for bringing love into everything she did. She was the definition of living the nourishing life. She would follow all the blogs, soaking up every word like a sponge until one day she had her own a-ha moment: I could do this myself! I could be a health + wellness coach!

So off she went, to enrol into the most famous health coaching certification in the world, that every health + wellness blogger needed to be credible.

She studied hard, learning more and more about how our bodies react to food and stress and exercise that after every lecture she was blown open with knowledge.

While she was studying she bid her time working in the corporate world, until one day, 6 or so months later, she got home to see her certification in the mail.

This. Was. It.

This little piece of paper was her everything.

This sweet lady wasn’t just a pretty face. Oh no. She had brains too. While she was studying, in-between lectures and actual work she knocked up her very own website. She started sharing tips. Recipes on coconut bliss balls with that super secret activated superfood that will give you energy for days, and how self-love is the new HITT session. 

She wrote before work and after the last lecture.

And she hired a business coach.

Her business coach helped her with the set up. First priority: get professional photos and hire a graphic designer to make her website look like self-love and flowers and ‘look at how amazing my life is’ had an orgy and gave birth onto her website. Oh and the technical stuff too like, a coaching package, welcome gift, mailing list and Facebook page.

She was set up to live happily ever after.

Let’s fast forward 6 months.

Our fair lady is getting antsy.

Those pro bono’s clients she had that made her feel successful finished up and she scored one paying client that had one session with her, for like $50.

She’s still trapped in her day job, but she’s gotten pretty good at social media. She's getting good followers, and likes, and engagement. 

Sales though? Nope.  And she’s starting to crack.

Why oh why is it so freaking hard to sell health coaching… she stresses.

Why can’t anyone throw her $200 a month when she seems to invest triple that into business coaching. And willingly?

If only she was a business coach… she thought. Then it’d be so easy to sell.

The thought passes by as she finishes typing up her latest articles on how meditating can help you lose weight and presses publish.

But she's defeated.

Clients and cash have dried up.

All her leads have been exhausted.

She’s officially entered a business drought.

And desperation sinks in.

I just need to make money is her new obsession. 

Whatever it takes to make money is her new mantra.

If only I could be a business coach...

That night in her dreams she's paid a visit by the evil online business fairies. They show her scenes of being rich, living the location free lifestyle and never worrying about money again. 

There's one trade off in all of that though: hand over your life purpose. 

She doesn't think twice.

Signed, sealed, delivered. 

When she gets up the next day she starts writing an article about how to social media for other health coaches.

She writes an article about how to set up your healthy + wellness coaching business.

Just like that, she’s changed.

She’s a business coach for health coaches now. 

She can almost feel her taste for success.

She lands a client. It’s working!

Let’s fast forward another 6 months.

She’s been a little more successful than what she was if she had stuck with her passion. Read: she ain’t rich, or living location free. And money is still a huge stress. 

When she stops for a moment and checks in with herself, there’s blank space. That contract with the evil online business fairies means her life purpose is gone. She can’t even remember it anymore. 

She goes on to coach other health + wellness coaches in setting up their business basics and that’s it. 

But something’s missing. 

She made a deal with the devil she wished she never made. 

If only she kept on wishing she could make her passion work. No matter what it takes. Because she was a women obsessed. And she truly believed in her message.

And if only she had asked the question: How can I communicate my message so it leaves my audience obsessed with me and my work?

She goes on to mediocrely helping other small business owners set up their business basics and lives a mediocrely ever after. 

So, the moral of this story?

One career choice isn’t better than another. 

It’s your obsession that matters.

You’ve already got the obsession down because you can’t stop thinking about it.

Stop wishfully thinking your exit strategy is a different career choice because it’s an easier sell. You might wake up 12 months later wondering why the fuck you went down that road wishing you just took a moment to speak to someone about communicating and articulating your message so it sells.