Ever Met A Faker?

Have you ever met up with an amazing business owner in real life who is SO FUCKING DIFFERENT compared to who they are online?

Online they’re boring and stale and they haven’t let their personality rage out of their safe cage.

You wouldn't go near them with a 10 foot pole, until one day you see them in real life.

Before you can dodge them, they say hey.

And immediately, you're stumped.

There's something different about this person.

She's funny. And cool. And three wine’s later, you’re best friends.

Giggling and dancing.

Doing shots.

Cracking jokes.

Rapping in the car.

She's the coolest person in the world.

And you wouldn't have ever known going by her online presence.

My hunch?

Her online business was taken over by a business bot.

A marketing bot. A professional bot. A funnels bot.

A ‘here’s my three-part video series’ bot.

Here’s the thing:

Her first impression online did not leave a good one.

But first impressions last.

And whatever impression is made first - whether it's good or bad, sticks.

The first impression you need to make isn’t just a good one.

It needs to be the kind of first impression that makes people want to hang around you, and hang off every word you say.

Because people buy people.

People are buying you.

Take stock now,

How’s your online persona going?




Then you can kiss goodbye your first impression.

The truth is, people are probably trying to avoid you, instead of wanting to pay you.

Isn't it time to let the real you rage out of her safe cage?