Are You Speaking Greek?

Walking your dog is routine. Nothing spesh. Generally it’s the same-same and that’s cool… I mean it has to be done…except on this particular walk you bump into Chris Hemsworth!!!!

He stops to pay your pooch, telling you he’s the cutest dog in the entire world (you know)

OMGGGGG do you have a story to tell your boyfriend when you get home!

When you get home, your man is chilling on the couch.

You open your mouth and words come out in Greek.

No worries, right?

Except your man speaks English.

And so off you go, it’s a game of charades as you reenact the moment his bicep bumps into yours and how even your pooch went love heart eye emoji…

Your story is greeted with silence.

And not just silence. A blank expression.


You’re fuming.

He NEVER listens to your stories…

You start screaming at him… in Greek.

And he still doesn’t get it.

He’s the worst boyfriend ever.

You want to break up with him. Immediately.

Wait. Don’t do it!

If only you realised you’re not speaking his language.

He literally doesn’t understand what you’re saying. But he’s dying to. He really wants to get excited with you about how you bumped into one of your celeb crushes because watching you reenact it is the cutest thing he’s seen all day.

You start to speak in English, he understands, he laughs and cheers and gives you the sweetest forehead kiss ever, and you guys live happily ever after.

Guess what?

The reason no one's buying?

You're doing the same with your business + with your clients.