It's Not The Size Of Your List That Matters. It's How You Use It.

It’s not the size of your list that matters.

It’s how you use it.

It's time we wrote your 5 figure email sales series, even with a small list.

That’s $10,000. Minimum.

All from reworking your email sales series and letting it run automagically.


When my client Ashleigh came to me with an email welcome series that wasn’t getting any sales, I knew we needed to look at what she was saying and how she was saying it.

People were joining her list.

Her ads were working.

But once people had joined her list, they weren’t doing anything.

My list is dead! She declared.

Do you feel Ash?

Before we start planning the funeral, here’s what I told Ashleigh:

You list isn’t dead, but your emails are trying to assassinate them.

Statically speaking, you'll make a sale from 1% of your list. As a bare minimum.

That means if you have 300 people on your list, you should be able to easily and effortlessly get 3 clients without even trying.

Now here’s the kicker, that 1% is the bare freaking minimum. When you hand over your email series to me and my team of expert copywriters, you’ll convert 5% of your list into clients, meaning if you had 300 on your list, you’ll get 15 clients.

That’s your new bare minimum.

And that’s how you make 5 figures from you list without doing anything more than rewriting your emails.

I went off and rewrote Ashleigh’s email sales series which went on to sell $28,400 worth of coaching packages in the 2 months since we implemented it.

And now we’re ready to do the same for you.

This is your opportunity to turn your dead list into an active, engaged list full to the brim of clients and customers.

If you’re ready to hack your consistent cash flow woes, then let us write an email welcome series that turns your new leads into paying clients, fast.

We’ve got availability to write your new welcome series starting this week. We’ll write the entire email sales series, including the Facebook ad, landing page, thank you page upsell + all 5 sales emails that’ll bring you an endless supply of clients and cash.

So if you’re ready to ramp up your sales + income over the next month, enquire now.