Self Expression Stops Sales

It started with speaking your truth.

And ended with sending emails that no one gives a shit about.

It was supposed to be the answer. To make writing easy. To move the masses. To finally start making money from your words.

All you had to do was tap into your heart and write whatever it wanted.

No filter.

Express your truth. Honestly. And they will come.

So off you went. Expressing your ass off.

But it’s still not working.

People still aren’t paying you.

And your personal brand business hasn’t turned you to the level of famous you were hoping for just by being you.

Let me tell you why.

Self expression isn't an end game.

The thing all humans crave the most is to be seen and heard.

But your email open rates are at an all time low. No one’s listening. No one’s buying.

Because no one cares.

The missing piece of your self expression is engaging the listener on the other end. Never lose sight of the fact that your reader is an actual human. Someone willing to see you, hear you, and take the action you want them to take.

There’s only one way to get and keep their attention. It’s about moving from a monologue where you’re talking at people, into a two way conversation where the reader is considered.

In a world filled with unnecessary noise, this has never been more important. Especially if you’re wanting the reader to buy.

Buy your offer. Yes. But also buy your idea. Buy into your movement. Buy into your method.

Buy into you.

Ask yourself:

Are you talking to the reader, or at them? Is there something in it for them?

Because the reader is the one who’s going to give you everything you want.

We’ve got limited for business owners who’re ready to take their self expression to the money making level. Where readers are engaged, become your clients, and turn into raving fans.

Our new package Self Expression That Sells is a month long coaching package with Elizabeth McKenzie.

We’ll start with a business audit, taking a look at your communication + your current sales situation.

We’ll map out a new messaging, marketing + sales plan.

From there I’ll teach you how to show up on the page in a way that honours your truth and honours your readers.

The result? Self expression that sells.

We’ll map out your content for the next 3 months so you’ll know exactly what to write into the new year, smashing through your first quarter income goals easily.

You’ll get 4 x 1:1 calls with me.

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I’ll review every single word you write.

And I’ll write one sales page for you.

Let’s get your message + your money making sorted for 2019.

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