Screw The Strategy Session. Start Advising.

Hey internet, 

It’s time we had a chat.

About the monster you created. It was born out of the ugly depths of some marketing gurus mind and has since infected every single online business owner’s marketing strategy.

The strategy session. The discovery call. Whatever you call it, let's get real. 

It’s actually a sales call.

And the fact you’ve got to throw a fake moustache, shifty wig and long ass coat on it makes me think you're one dodgy business owner. 

I get why you do it. They work. I mean purely from a numbers game, if you speak to 20 people a day, there’s no reason why you can’t close a minimum of 7. And that’s a bad close rate.

But here’s the thing.

A discovery call reeks desperation. 

From the prospect jumping on said call.  

To the business owner offering them. 

And you know what happens when everyone is desperate?


Payments don't get made on time.

Goals aren't achieved.

The client's never happy.

And you're stuck hating your job. 

And you know what that's called right?

Bad Marketing 101: Selling the wrong service to the wrong person.

It’s not your job to convince people who’re never going to buy from you that they should.

Your job is to act like the expert you are and advise.

You’re here to help the person on the other end of the call. Not help yourself.

When you're an advisor, your prospect does 80% of the talking. It's not about you and how you've been an entrepreneur since selling real estate in your mother's womb to your twin. It's about them. 

When you're an advisor, you work together with your prospect towards a solution. 

When you're an advisor, you use the word 'we' because you're a team now. 

When you're an advisor, you find out their why not their what. Because as the expert, you can advise what they need. 

When you're an advisor, you end with a definite tangible action like 'I’ll get a proposal over to you by the end of the day.'

And when you're an advisor, if your prospect says they don't have the money / it’s out of their budget / they don’t have the time, don't go stabbing them with a knife. Work with them. Because someone who’s on their team is going to try and help. And that doesn't mean selling your services for peanuts. Get creative.

Stop the with fake discovery session.

We all know they’re a sales call.

Stand by your services. 

Declare your services with conviction.

And start advising.