50 Shades Of Jade With Facebook Ads?

Everyone’s telling you to do Facebook ads.

But you’re feeling nothing but 50 shades of jade.

The only kind of ad you’ll touch is a boost post to a warm audience.

It gets you a few likes. 

And that’s about it.

Screw Facebook ads! You declare.

You vow to take a LinkedIn course and spend hours curating your IG feed instead.

So you add those tasks to your to-do list.

All of a sudden, your days look tight.

Real tight.

It hits 5 pm and you haven’t curated your gorgeous new IG feed.

It hits 5 pm and no one from LinkedIn knows your active on there.

In a sliding doors moment,

The other you doesn’t give up on Facebook ads.

Instead, she ends up working with me.

We get on a phone call and go deeeeeeep into the minds of your target market.

We create an optin that’s guaranteed to succeed. 

I write the ad copy.

I give you the option to get my Facebook ads strategist to set it up and monitor it.

It hits 5 pm and you haven’t had to spend a minute ‘marketing’ all day. Because your Facebook ads are running in the background, marketing for you.

There's nothing more to do.

Except add those 5 people who’re desperate to work with you to your brand new waitlist.

You’re fully booked.

It’s 5.05pm, you shut down the laptop after a day full of clients, cash + working in your zone of genius.

That’s what Facebook ads can do for you when we do them.

Get you warm consistent leads automagically.

Our Facebook Ads Packages are available to anyone who’s ready to finally crack the Facebook ad code, get conversions that you cost less and become fully booked out with a growing wait list of amazing, incredible ideal clients. 

If that’s you, fill out this enquiry form now.