Pretty Website. Shitty Words

Pretty Website. Shitty Words.

It’s a disease that’s spread far and wide ever since the dawn of Wordpress giving business owners access to a platform they can edit themselves.

Jobs continue to boom for photographers and graphic designers. The standard of images on websites is at an all time high.

But the words.

Oh the words are shocking.

Business owners became writers overnight, without realising it. They thought they could just verbal diarrhoea all over their Wordpress site, all in the name of self expression.

And so it was.

Shitty words, literally, all over your website.

Grandiose words.

Big concepts.

Heart-felt riddles.

So much passion and fire jumbled in sentences that don't make sense.


No one told you that verbal diarrhoea isn’t want your people want.

No one told you that it’s actually not about you.

It's all about the people.


Stop shitting all over their screens with your airy-fairy high level lofty concepts and take their life seriously.

What your audience experiences everyday isn’t some far-fetched pie-in-the-sky over-the-moon concept.

It’s real life. And it matters.

The sun will rise and the sun will set and your people’s life must go on.

Life never stops happening.

Treat their life like it really matters.

Not some airy fairy fluff.

This is their one and only life.

Stop trying to bypass it.

Treat it with respect.

Don’t talk about it in riddles and high concepts.

Honour the earth that this person’s feet have to stand on every damn day.

And watch how your words transform into something that not only that sells, but actually legitimately helps. And isn’t that what you came here to do?