Not Your Zone Of Genius Is A Shit Excuse

Staring at my bedroom floor, with half my tops sprawled out from trying them on 5 times over and still nothing looks right, I hate myself a little.


I don’t know what looks good on me.


I suck at fashion.


I don’t know how to dress myself, and I’m a goddamn 30 Something.


WTH? Seriously?


The next day, I have a brain wave (not as tasty but just as juicy as a Grain Wave):


Fashion, shopping, clothes: they’re not my zone of genius.


That’s why I suck at them.


They’re not my thing.


They're not my zone of genius.


I search the interwebs, I hire a personal stylist.


We Skype, she tells me to throw out a bunch of my clothes, I do what she says.


She mentions I can now only wear v necks (thanks big boobs)


And that we should work with black and white and grey because they look good on me (thanks size 14)


And that was it.


Off I went with my 'new' wardrobe and yet every morning it was the same: waking up and not knowing what to wear, what looked good on me, and still not feeling like I knew shit about getting dressed.


But come on! I hired someone who’s zone of genius was fashion, why wasn’t it working?


I’ll tell you why.


Because I was using the ‘zone of genius’ as my scapegoat for something I needed to learn about myself and become the expert in.


I needed to become the expert in dressing myself.


I signed up for a course that teaches you about contrast and colours and skin tones and features and teaches you about YOU so you can become the expert and genius around dressing yourself.


I've spent an hour of my (busy) day working through module one.


An hour I could get back with the click of a button to hire someone to buy clothes for me, and use that hour to write copy. Ya know, my zone of genius)


But the thing is:


I want to be the expert, not hire the expert.


I want it to be my zone of genius in dressing myself.


And so spending time learning and gaining knowledge to take myself into the zone of genius of dressing myself is worth it all.


Michelle is a copywriting client.


She hired me to write the copy for her entire website and her upcoming launch of her amazing program.


She’s a money coach and that's her zone of genius, but she realised along the way that even with a website full to the brim of epic copy by yours truly, communicating with her community on the reg needed to become her zone of genius.


Last week we had her first month intensive Skype session for The Blog Squad and we developed and outlined 8 blog posts, emails and articles that she’ll go off and write with full confidence.


She’s booked in 8 hours of her time, dedicated to writing.


Sure, she could have hired me to write them all, but she was just like me.


She wants writing to enter into her zone of genius and become something she can do that's in flow and feels good.


Question for you:


Is there something that you’ve been throwing your hands up in the air saying: this is not my zone of genius!!! when really, you SHOULD spend the time and energy into turning it into your zone of genius?


If writing blogs, articles and your entire communication with your community isn’t your zone of genius, and you really want to it to be, it's time you dedicated your time, energy + resources to it becoming your zone of genius.


Because when you become an expert at anything you do, it's always profitable.