Kill Competition For Good.

Three life coaches walk into a bar. They're identical.

And they're all wearing a bag over their head.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 10.52.41 AM.png

Who do you decide to work with?

Your decision can only be made based on price alone because that’s all you've got to go by.

And if you're one of those life coaches, making a sale is subject to competition.

The only thing that sets you apart from the competition is you.

So how do you bring more you into your business?

With your words.

Writing is subjective. It's not just open to interpretation, it is interpretation. And this is where your power lies.

Your words will never be put together in exactly the same way as someone else's words.

Your perspective, your unique writing style, your worldview, your personality.

Who you are as a person is who you are as a business owner and brand.

No one in the world can write like you.

It’s time to leverage that.

So what if the blank page mocks you?

Or translating your thoughts and feelings elude you?

Or no matter how many times you write it still isn't you?

You got this.

And I got you.

I’ve got ONE spot available for Copy Coaching.

Here’s how it works:

3 months together.

We start with a debrief and plan-making. It’s all about getting to the core of the message and how we want your business to look + feel + most importantly grow moving forward.

With this plan, we’ll speak weekly for 12 weeks. An hour on the phone.

We create the plan for the week ahead and also troubleshoot anything left over from the week prior.

We’ll email reports to each other at the end of each day/week so we can actually troubleshoot on the spot.

As we work together throughout the week, we’ll action said plan every day together.

You get ALL of my skills, so if you need me to review copy, I do that. Review marketing, I do that. Review your business vision and services and sales, I do that.

Plus, I’ll also write 2 x pieces of copy for you each month.

That sales page.

Marketing materials.

A new launch email.

Hand two pieces of copy over to me each month while you work on the business, I’ll write in the business.

You + I,

We’re a team.

I’m not just your coach.

I’m your teammate.

These spots are limited edition.

I only work with 3 clients at any one time.

There’s ONE spot available.

Enquire now if you’re interested and we’ll get on the phone and chat it out.

To your personality slaying the competition forever!