It's Not About You.

What’s the difference between a business that has staying power and goes from strength to strength and a business that crashes out faster than a kid after a sugar high?

The direction you’re standing. 

Market orientation. 

You listen to your customers. Really hear what they’re saying. You put yourself + your experience in the backseat. And let your target market drive. You learn their language. You learn about how they see the world. You ask them what they want. You give them what they want. 

They buy from you. 

Self-absorbed orientation.

You had a profound experience. Your life changed. You want to package that up and sell it. It’s your passion after all. That’s all that matters. You know what people need. It’s not what they want. Silly human. You force feed them what they need. You put earplugs in and keep shouting.

They avoid you. 

What kind of marketing messages are you sharing with the world? 

All about them?


All about you?

Make money easily. 

It’s never passion first.

It’s people first. 

Your people.

Need help reframing your marketing messages so they’ll actually get you seen, heard + paid more handsomely than Chris Hemsworth?

We’ve got availability to work with three business owners on their marketing messages. We’ll take you through an audit and get clear on your people. We’ll learn their language and develop a set of marketing messages that’ll make sales for you effortlessly. 

A current client reframed her webinar to speak her clients language and made $9k off the back of it. 

That’s the power of speaking to your people. And not yourself. 

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