It's Never Been About Your Job Title.

You started this business despite your job title.

Because there was something inside.

A reason.

A desire. 

A message.

And the message was bigger than the container of a job title.

Than the container of the 9-5. 

And no matter how big or small it is, your message isn't going anywhere.

Sure, you can bury it deep under strategy and rules and desperation.

Whatever it takes to run a successful business.

But the message is always there.

Lurking under the surface.

Waiting for you to remember.

It's crystal clear too.

Despite what you think.

Because it’s a feeling. 

And feelings are your truth. 

But the moment you try to translate it into words and letters, it gets messy.

Like shit hit the fan messy.

So you question it.

You change it.

You standardise it.

You sterilise it.

But it doesn’t feel right.

It'll never feel right.

That’s where copy comes in.

It’s about honouring your message and the expression of your zone of genius.

And translating it in a way that gets your paid. 

Copywriting is truly the art and science of expressing your message in a way that gets your paid. 

So, how’s the translation process going for you?