I Double Dare You.

Ashleigh sent me a Facebook message.

Ashleigh: Guess What?

Me: What?

Ashleigh: I took your dare and reached out to 1 person who's been on my radar. And I didn't pitch to her, I just gave her advice. Then she saw what I posted in my group about my services.

Me: Heard back yet?

Ashleigh: WHOOP! New ad client! BOOYAH! AND JUST GOT PAID TOO!!!!

Me: YAAYYY!!!!!!

Ashleigh: I sent out one emil yesterday to my list being all fun and happy. 5 applications and 2 email replies wanting to find out more.


Ashleigh: Whoooppp! Just got another client and waiting to hear back from 2 more.


You see, I played truth or dare with Ashleigh the other day.

Here’s how it went down:


I want you to imagine the celeb you’re crushing on sooooo bad right now. That guy….(Chris Hemsworth...Scratch that, LIAM HEMSWORTH)... I want you imagine you’re walking down the street and you see him 5 metres in from of you. Filming his new movie. One of the crew comes up to you and says: we need extras. we need you and 5 of your mates to be in the scene with Mr. Hemsworth that's starting in 30 minutes.

You're going to faint with excitement.

So you get our your phone to text your 5 best friends.

What do you say? Write it out for me.

Now, I want you to take that same excitement and write about offering your services to 5 people.

This technique changed Ashleigh's energy around how she wrote what’s called a call to action -- a task that usually fills all business owners with dread. By changing her energy and intention behind selling her Facebook Ads Boss offering, it became super easy and fun to do, AND got her results.

I offered another dare.


Reach out to one person today who’s been on your radar and ask how you can help them in relation to their industry.

Really simple.


Hey XX

How’s everything going with you lately? I noticed you signed up to XXX/ saw your latest blog post and loved it // saw you checked into that new restaurant in town// saw you posted in the group about XXX.

How’s it all going?

How can I help you?

Soooo, Ashleigh implemented BOTH dares and within 24 hours got 2 new clients and 7 enquiries.

After scoring two new clients, Ash sent me another message:

‘It’s so weird! I literally have sent out emails before about FB Ads Boss and got like 1 or 2 applications who never write back. Then I sent out ONE that was me being all excited and even threw in a selfie and got 2 clients from it and 5 applications and 2 emails.’


The energy.

The intention.

The message.

The copy.