Storytelling Is The New Authentic. Here's Why + Here's How To Tell A Great Story.

OUCH! I just got hit in the head by another buzzword being thrown around the internet.


It's so hot right now.

It's the new authentic.

The reason why it's the new authentic is because storytelling is a 2-for-1.

When you tell a story well, you automatically connect to your audience at the emotional level.

And we all know people buy based on emotion. PS - if you don't know this, then we need to talk.

Everyone who's anyone in business needs to knowhow to tell a story.

Here's how.

The 5 Ingredients To Making A Juicy Story That Sells.

1. Get sophisticated with your language.

You need rich and varied vocabulary. You're using words to paint a picture for interpretation so get those adjectives out there and use different ways to say the same thing. There should also be a mix of high frequency words (words that are used a lot and easy to visualise, like apple) and low frequency words too (get people using their minds!).

Variety is the preferred spice of life.

2. Feel the flow.

The story needs to be consistent and organised where events relate to each other. Ever listened to someone telling a story where they chop and change and move around in time and space to fill in the gaps? It’s exhausting to listen to.

Keep it flowing.

Tip: Look at the first sentence/paragraph and then look at the last. Are they still on the same topic or relate in some way? or have you gone off on a tangent?

3. Pitch it right.

You need to think about who your audience is and pitch your story appropriately to them. There’s not point trying to win over your in-laws telling the story the same way you’d tell your dude mates.

It all comes back to who you’re writing for and it ain’t going to be everyone.

4. Indulge in your dramatic side.

Every story should have a high point or crescendo. It’s the whole reason you’re telling the story in the first place. So make sure your story has a the drama. Trust me when I tell you that I’ve been a culprit of lacklustre stories more often than I’d like to remember. I’d start telling a story and half way through realised it was a piece of crap.

No sparkle-encrusted drama.

Get your drama right and you’ve got your audience hooked. Don’t, and you’ll need to get creative with your ending, like ‘…and then I stabbed him.'

5. Be you.

People are awesome at sniffing out imposters and imposers. It’s all that subtle energy and spidey senses floating around. You need to be YOU.

BE 100% committed to showing people you through your story. Everyone will tell a story in a slightly different way, and people genuinely want to hear what you have to say, not someone else’s version.